June 24, 2024


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The Latest Tourist Spots in Balikpapan for Weekend Getaway

Balikpapan, which is directly adjacent to the Kutai Kartanegara Regency, has some of the best tourist attractions that are recommended to visit on weekends. There are so many activities in Balikpapan that have been coming up. Its natural attractions are very charming and amazing. The modern tourist sites are also no less exciting than the natural ones that have existed for a long time.

Choices of the Best Tourist Attractions in Balikpapan

If you are in Balikpapan, you should visit some tourist attractions, especially the most popular ones. Here are some of the in Balikpapan City:

1. Aquaboom BSB

As the name of the tourist spot, this place has several exciting water games and rides. There are so many choices of water rides that feels like a bomb.

You can choose from various water rides at Aquaboom BSB, such as swimming pools, water slides, and other exciting rides. The number of rides is also huge, so it will be more exciting if you come there with friends or family.

2. Kampung Atas Air Margasari (Margasari Floating Village) 

The village area in Balikpapan is a lovely tourist spot. Kampung Atas Air Margasari was built with a straightforward and populist concept. So there are also many choices of rides and culinary at affordable prices. Vacations in this village is definitely a stress reliever because the atmosphere around it is beautiful.

3. Mount Dubs

Even though this tourist spot is called a mountain, it is not a natural tourist spot in the form of a mountain. However, it is a residential complex with exotic and beautiful night attractions.

The view of the city, nature and the giant oil drum makes its beauty popular. The surrounding area also blends in with the fresh air and shady trees.

4. Balikpapan Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are one of the tourist attractions created directly by the Balikpapan government. You can come to Balikpapan using Garuda destinations then travel with your family to the Botanical Gardens.

5. Bekapai Park

Bekapai Park is even more fun to visit at night, and there’s a lot that you can enjoy there. You can also enjoy a variety of dishes and beverages while enjoying the garden area with the beauty of the decorative lights.

6. Mahavihara Buddha Manggala

The following tourist destination is Mahavihara Buddha Manggala, similar to Thailand’s temples. The temples and statues are gold in colour, plus there are also elephant statues and other Buddha statues.

The building is quite fantastic and also very spacious. You can also enjoy various foods and drinks sold around the temple.

There are also many other tourist attractions in Balikpapan, choose the one that best suits your taste in travel. If you bring children, determine a tourist spot that suits them too.