July 13, 2024


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All you should know about the Oklahoma unemployment law

The laws of the ok UI establish the short-term compensation system for unemployed workers who do not fault on their own. Every time the unemployment rate promotes benefits, extended benefits are available for 26 weeks within the benefit year. The Oklahoma employment security commission includes the five members appointed and approved by the governor of the Oklahoma senate. Two members represent the employees, two-member members represent employers, one person represents the chairman, and the remaining are public. 

Key features of Oklahoma Unemployment Law

Here we will give you the highlights of the Oklahoma unemployment Law. Consider the following factors to gain a complete understanding of this topic. In this, you will get the clear understanding about the important terms such as benefits amount, base period, unemployment filling, eligibility, and many more. 

  1. Benefits amount: The benefits amount of the weekly period generally equals 1/23 of the taxable wages. 
  2. Base Period: The benefits of Oklahoma unemployment under the base period are computed using the first to five calendar quarters. 
  3. Unemployment filling: The unemployment law in Oklahoma permits filling the claims by telephone, online, or in the proper format. 
  4. Waiting period: New claims of the waiting period are filled after completing one unemployment week. 
  5. Employment eligibility: A person can work if they work consistently with the available experience, training, and education. 
  6. Cause of voluntary quitting: The cause for voluntary quitting consists of changing work conditions that affect the person’s safety and morals. 
  7. Misconduct: Employees fired the misconduct when they are not eligible for benefits. Misconduct may exist in the form of a mission or an act.
  8. Seek and accept work: If the person cannot accept suitable work, they will be disqualified from getting unemployment benefits. 
  9. Appropriate work is defined as consistent work with experience, education, and training. 
  10. Part-time work: The recipients who come under the unemployment category seek part-time jobs and consistent work with the weekly hours.
  11. Appeals: All the individuals entitled after the determination of notice and denied unemployment benefits. It also appeals to the decision within 10 days after successfully mailing the determination date.
  12. Board Review: The review board takes all documents and evidence consistent with the original hearing. 
  13. District court appeal: District court appeal may not disrupt the supported facts of the evidence in the underlying case, but the district court will remand the case to the appeals tribunal.


From the above facts, it is concluded that Oklahoma permits individuals to appeal for making unemployment decisions towards the right to an attorney. However, the law of Oklahoma limits the attorney fees to the specific benefits the person receives. 

If you refuse unemployment benefits, you have limited time for the action. However, if the determination for unemployment is pending, then you have access to the best-ready attorney before making any decision. 

If you have any doubts about Oklahoma’s unemployment attorney, then feel free to ask in the comments section.