July 13, 2024


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Duck and wine pairing- Delicious duck dishes to go with a bottle of wine

A duck is a poultry with a lot of black flesh. Duck is more delicate and sensitive than chicken but heavier than red meat, which makes it perfect to be devoured with wine. If you enjoy eating duck with wine, it’s the perfect time for you to buy a wine cooler. Duck can be prepared in a variety of ways, each of which requires a particular duck wine combination.

The sauce and sides will have a considerable impact on the flavour profile of the duck dish you will be cooking, regardless of which wine for duck you choose, and this might be a deciding factor in whether to serve red or white wine with duck.

Following are some delicious duck dishes that will pair well with your favourite wine!

Zhangcha duck

Zhangcha duck is a smoked duck with tea and camphor that comes from Sichuan, a Chinese province known for its fiery cuisine. This dish is prepared in five steps: it is marinated first, then boiled, air-dried, smoked, and finally fried.

The Smoked duck

This dish is made with a whole duck that has been smoked on low heat. Duck flesh is heavy in fat, which is known to seal in moisture and absorb smokiness more quickly than lean meat, making it ideal for smoking. 

Both domestic and wild ducks can be utilized, and the basic brine of water and salt is frequently flavoured with things like bay leaves, black peppercorns, beer, and oranges. Before smoking, the duck is coated with a thick glaze made of a mixture of brown sugar and soy sauce, maple syrup, or honey after soaking in the brine.

Duck’s head

Duck’s head is a spicy local dish from Wuhan, China, but it’s also a popular snack throughout the country, particularly in Shanghai. The meal is prepared by stir-frying ahead of a duck with herbs and spices.

Because of the stir-frying procedure, duck’s head has a crispy texture and is touted as a nutritious dish, with one of the duck’s head business owners stating that it boosts cognitive ability when ingested. Some compare the flavour to that of a hot chicken wing, while others, such as CNN’s Kellie Schmitt, characterize it as one of Shanghai’s strangest delicacies.

Duck and Rice

This Singaporean classic combines white rice with roasted or braised duck. If roasted, the duck is stuffed with spices like cinnamon, ginger, and anise, then hung and roasted until crispy. In a well-seasoned broth, the braised form is normally cooked slowly.

Tofu, vegetables, or hard-boiled eggs are commonly offered on the side, along with a spicy dipping sauce.

Peking duck

The duck is roasted until the skin is golden brown and crispy and the meat is soft, sweet, and moist. The duck meat is then folded into small pancakes or white steamed buns. The duck, for this recipe, must be a white feathered Imperial Peking duck that has been pumped with some air through a small puncture between the breasts and wings to make an authentic Beijing Kao ya.


All of these dishes are very easy to make at home. So, for your next family gathering, or house party, serve one of these with your favourite bottle of wine and enjoy.