May 19, 2024


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Is Drinking Recycled Water Safe?

It seems like every summer there are more reports of droughts affecting thousands of people. In times when it is more uncertain how to get access to clean, drinkable water, it is important to ask questions and know where your water will be coming from. Many people ask, is drinking the recycled water that comes out of my tap safe? 

Misconceptions About Recycled Water

Many people are bothered by the idea of drinking recycled water. The sources of water are wide and varied, but many cities and localities recycle sewage water. Some people may be turned off by this, but there is nothing inherently wrong with drinking this water, as long it has been properly filtered and purified. This process is essential to keeping your water safe from waste and chemicals. The best way to know is to see for yourself how clear and fresh recycled water can be. 

Filtering Contamination

The process of filtering and purifying water is complex, as it needs to remove all contamination from drinking water. Microfiltration, the process of removing solids, oils and chemicals, happens at all water recycling plants. In your community, advanced technology like oil water separators North Carolina cleans your water of these harmful materials. Plants will also use reverse osmosis and UV light to remove viruses, pharmaceuticals and plastics so your drinking water is pure. 

Saving Water

Water shortages may only become more extreme in the future. The U.N. warns that half the world may face some kind of water scarcity by 2030. With this in mind, it is important to begin recycling more water. Thankfully, the advancement of technology around water purification has made this easier than ever before. Drinking recycled water is safe and great for the planet. 

Recycled water tends to exceed all state and federal drinking water standards, so it is safe for you to drink.