May 23, 2024


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A job-related move: the pros and cons

A professional move brings with it some peculiarities. To plan a move is a big decision for everyone. However, if the reasons are purely professional, leaving the old home may be much more difficult than moving due to a private desire to change. Your social life will change dramatically as you move to another city, state, or even abroad. Choosing to do the job can be both tempting and hard. However, every change of location is also accompanied by new opportunities, and a job-related move also comes with many new challenges. It’s always a good thing to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and meet new challenges. As you know, humans grow up with their tasks.

Occupational parade and its peculiarities- What you should think about:

1. It’s about work – but do not forget to pay attention to your social life as well

If it is a purely professional move, then the only reasons for the decision are the new salary and the new work challenges. The idea of ​​the quality of life in the new place comes secondarily. This is one of the biggest differences between a private and a professional move. Even though the new job is very enticing and brings with it a significant salary increase, take the time and research your new place of residence in advance. Clearly the work is important, but more important is your quality of life and your sense of home, Visit the place in advance to get a feel for the future new home. Can the new place of residence give you the lifestyle you want or are you ready to cut corners? These are important questions about which you should be aware of before you move.

2. Accept the distance to family and friends

Especially if you have built up a great social network in your old home, it can be hard to leave behind. When moving, a few relationships are often put on hold. The good news is that special relationships survive longer distances. This separation from the social network can often be more burdensome in a job-related move. However, today we have countless channels for cross-border communication, which can make the separation much easier. A little hint: Show your grandparents how Skype works. My grandfather, for example, loves the view of the Rocky Mountains when he talks to me on the phone and it also gives him the feeling of being part of my life. Use the means of communication available to you!

3. Professional relocation with the partner

A private move is usually a joint decision, with a desire for a new adventure and a change in the living space on both sides. If a job offers for a partner in another city, then moving is often a great compromise for the other. The main motivation for the move is usually a higher salary, intentional career change and new work challenges. Your partner does not have this motivation. Take into account that the situation is quite different for your partner and try to find solutions together. A joint visit to the future residence in advance is also highly recommended.

4. Occupational move: deduct from the tax

Finally, a very helpful information: If your move happens for professional reasons, then you can also quote the removal costs in the tax return and hope for a refund. How exactly you can claim your move as a cost of employment, you can find out under the previous link. Be sure to collect all the documents that have something to do with the move. No matter whether you carry out the move privately or commission a professional Sydney Removalist with the change of residence.

A job-related move always feels different for those involved, as a change of residence due to personal preferences. Take the time to weigh the consequences of the move and look at your future residence for a few days in advance. Work is important and new challenges certainly lead to personal development. But do not forget to pay attention to your social well-being and also to the effects of your decision on your partner and your children. Otherwise, nothing speaks against a job-related move.