April 18, 2024


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Decorating your House using Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is designed for people who loves freedom, free flow and also combine nature and adventure into interior design, in short bohemian people are for you who think outside the box, carefree, relax and unusual. Bohemian Interior design are generally random and busy without any bare or empty spot left, every part of bohemian houses are full with accessories. Inspired by vagabonds, wanderer in central europe called Gypsy, Bohemian describe people who did not agree with the social and political views at 1800. If you are people who feel the same way about social and political view, you might want to decorate your house as bohemian. Therefore, today i will provide you a step by step bohemian style decoration tips on how to change your current interior design and transform them into sophisticated bohemian chic interior. For you who have difficulties in free up space and get rid old furniture such as mattress, might want to hire service agent that capable to help, however make sure to check mattress removal cost to get insight about the price.

  1. The Bohemian Colors

When decorating your house into bohemian interior house, you should consider the color of bohemian. While there are no strict rules about colors, a great color for bohemian interior house are warm earthy colors such as brown, terra cotta, gold, fiery orange, electric blue and even metallics, you may also choose bold and bright color that can complement your room.

  1. The bohemian decoration materials

Bohemian style concept is about carefree, natural yet unusual, therefore you might need to mix and match using natural material.

  1. The Bohemian Furniture

The best way to get bohemian furniture is by do some adventure on any old store from around the world. You might want to get second hand and vintage items you can find anywhere, then collected over time to improve your bohemian furniture.

  1. The Bohemian Accessories

Dont forget to add bohemian accessories for complete bohemian interior design. Each part of the accessories should be able to tell the stories of you or your live, you can use anything from part of your life as bohemian accessories and put them into your room, hang it or even put them on top of table on your room.

After you have everything you need to get bohemian style interior, you need some work to ensure to putting your room together and fit in into bohemian style interior. Follow these steps to get the best bohemian looks.

  1. Paint your furniture

Since bohemian style are having interesting furniture, yet colorful, you can achive bohemian style by do some painting. If you already have wood table or dresser, you can give bright color then add accent to those furniture.

  1. Let anything cluttered and messy

Bohemian style is unique, you can place anything in your room, add another furniture until its cramped, overflowing, and messy. Dont be afraid to put more knick knacks, accents, pillow, or rugs into your room.

  1. Dont forget to give window and rug treatment.

In Bohemian style interior, Rug is the most important part for accessories. Therefore make sure that you get a lot of rug or simply cover entire floor in mix matched patterned rugs.

People who are choosing bohemian style are people who loves artistic, freedom, and also expressing themselves through art. Therefore, if you are not person who love a lot of color in your home, you shouldnt use this style. Its style are chaotic, laud and also bold, unusual and generally unmatched. Therefore, check with your family about this kind of style, not everyone are capable to live in bohemian style house without having shock about how chaotic it is. Dont forget to be creative and unique, there is no wrong way to arranging bohemian style, each choices are unique. Remember, the only rule is story, each part of your home should have story to be told.