July 18, 2024


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Benefits of Roofing and Ceiling Insulation

It is a known fact that roofing and insulation remain to be one of the best decisions that anyone can make as a property owner and it is estimated that in every home and business more than half of the energy expenses are from cooling and heating and inadequate insulation wastes energy and as a result time too. When the homeowner installs the right kind of insulation like roof and ceiling insulation, the person will conserve energy, save money and keep a fixed temperature level in the home. Most people weigh the benefits and the cost of insulation compared to the cost of ceiling insulation and this results in most homes being poorly or incorrectly insulated.

Three basic components of hot air flow are convection, radiation, and conduction. Sincerely speaking conduction is the best way that heat energy moves through materials such as a metal spoon becoming hot, and the radiant energy travels in a straight line heat any solid object in its path and absorbs the energy. A point worth highlighting is that convection is the process that heat moves through liquids and gas, and that is why light and warm air rises and colder dense air sinks and when the person insulates the roof and the ceiling they slow down the conductive heat flow, decrease the radiant heat gain and reduce the effect of warm air that is escaping through convection circulation.

Factually speaking adding roofing insulation is a key upgrade that can be made in a home, or a business and the annual savings can be between 40-50% when upgrading the home or business and the cost of the roof and ceiling insulation increases the value of the home and the business when the person will want to sell the house. The cost savings in heating and cooling costs can be good selling point which could also reduce the wear and tear of the cooling and heating units in the home which happens by reducing the need to adjust the thermostat.

It is good to note that during summer, the cooling unit might breakdown when freezing, or condensation happens if the thermostat is set incorrectly, but with proper insulation, there is a low likelihood of this happening and this could reduce maintenance and the repair cost over the lifetime of the cooling and heating unit.

The truth is that when energy is conserved money is also saved, and the amount of energy that the person will save depends on the local climate, the home size or business size, the working and living habits of the home occupants, the kind of fuel used and the overall quality and construction of the building. The truth is that the energy costs saved can even help to pay up for the initial cost of the roof and the ceiling insulation and reduce heating and cooling expenses when the rates and usage increases.

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