April 18, 2024


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Simple Shower Filter Removes Chlorine and Other Unsavory Chemicals

We all plan to stay healthy but the smart ones do the research to know what danger lurks in our environments. Have you discovered that the simple action of changing your shower head to one that filters chlorine and other harmful chemicals, can be beneficial to your health and your hair? A shower head filter is an easy fix.

Chlorine, a poisonous gaseous compound used to kill bacteria in municipal water supplies, remains in your bathing and drinking water. You want a good water filter to remove it before it coats your body and your hair. And to prevent fumes from being breathed into your body by your lungs.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool gives you and an example of how chlorine dries your skin. It leaves your hair dry and lifeless. You skin and hair naturally have a thin layer of protective oils. They were put there by nature and are intended to protect these fragile, but important, human structures. Your skin is your largest organ and it can absorb a lot of chlorine in a warm moist environment, like a shower. Many people don’t realize that their dry, itchy skin is a result of chlorine in their bathing water.

It used to be a complete luxury to have shower head with filter for hard water for your bathroom shower. Now, with new technology and buying directly from the manufacturer, all of us can have the health and beauty benefits of showering chlorine free. Switching to the best shower filter is not costly and averages only pennies a day for a much better bathing experience. You will notice the difference after your first shower. And, you will wonder why you didn’t investigate this simple remedy years ago. It takes very little time to make a profound difference.

It just makes sense that removing strong chemicals will leave your skin and hair truly clean. Hair products bond better to hair that is not coated in chlorine. Your hair will be and look more healthy.

A two-stage filter is required to first remove chlorine and the second phase to remove other harmful chemicals, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Installation is easy and can be accomplished with just pliers. And, a lifetime warranty is offered by the best company. If a company is confident of their product, a lifetime warranty is not a bonus, it is expected. A bonus is the massage feature built into your shower head filter.

Now is the time to treat yourself to a shower head filter to remove chlorine. Your body and your hair will thank you.