July 23, 2024


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How To Save Money During a Move

When it comes to relocating your family, there are lots of factors to consider. Moving your entire family and all of your possessions can be an emotional process and logistical nightmare. One of the most important things you should think about is how to save money during a move.

1) Decluttering is Key

You will save endless hours and money by downsizing your possessions before you make the big move. Old clothes, toys, books, and games that you don’t really use anymore do not need to make the transition to your new home with you. Think of the hundreds of pounds of junk you have taking up space in your basement or other storage areas. Before you even begin to pack, take a long, hard, and honest look at what you do and do not need to keep with you. A good rule of thumb is to go by the “6-month Standard”- if you have not used it in the last 6 months, then it is time to pitch it. You can donate your old things or have a yard sale, but either way, you will be incredibly happy in the long run when your move is much lighter and easier to coordinate.

2) Choosing A Mover With a Good Reputation

Choosing the right mover can make or break your move. After all, you are trusting these people to take care of everything you own and to transport everything safely. North American Van Lines is a great example of a moving company whose reputation speaks for itself. Customer reviews and client experiences are all glowing and shining examples of people who have moved successfully and could not be more happy with their service. You can rest easy knowing that your things are in good hands as you move to your new home.

3) Consider Your Timing

According to Money Talks News, moving in the middle of the week and month can help you save a chunk of change. Many moving companies are not as busy during these times and overall travel will be much easier. If at all possible, do not move during the holidays. This is where things are crazy and you will spend a fortune transporting your belongings. Another thing to consider is moving during the summer. This is the slow time for many movers and you may have an easier time overall with the process. Consult your local moving professionals to see when they suggest executing your move.

4) Buy Cheap and Renovate

Another method of saving money with a new place is to buy a “fixer upper” and renovate it to your standards. This will allow you to craft your dream home while paying an affordable price to start off with. While renovations can be pricey, careful planning will allow you to set and stick to a realistic budget that will save you money in the long run. Don’t break the bank on buying your perfect house, instead, be frugal and plan on creating your dream home over time.

5) Search for Freebies

When it comes to moving, there is no shame in cutting costs wherever you can. Look for places that will donate their old moving boxes to you. Many stores just throw theirs away after receiving them for shipment. Don’t be afraid to go directly ask management if you can have them. Most of the time, they will be happy to be rid of the clutter. Some moving companies will also provide you with a certain amount of free moving boxes and packing materials if you use them to move. Make sure to inquire about this when you are selecting your mover.

6) Be Aware of Your Expenses

Having a perfected, logistic plan for moving can save you huge amounts of money in the long run. Take into consideration everything: moving truck deposits, storage space rentals, etc, and do what you can to avoid any unnecessary costs. For instance, if you can eliminate the need for a storage space, you may save yourself a few hundred dollars. Map out all of your expenses and see what you can do to cut them down. Having a good grasp on the big picture will let you know the realistic cost of your move and help you plan accordingly.