July 23, 2024


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Remodel vs. Renovation: 3 Key Differences

Did you know that the home improvement market is worth over $420 billion in the United States alone? With so many people changing and modifying their homes in both big and small ways, it is important for homeowners to know their options.

Are you interested in changing the design of your master bedroom? Or are you looking to repaint and add ceiling height in your living room? If you want to make any changes in your home, it’s important to know the difference between renovation vs. remodeling.

Keep reading to find out three key differences between a home remodel vs. renovation.


1. The Amount and Depth Of Work

Home renovation and remodeling both require fairly different amounts of work.

Home renovation involves using what you have. There’s no major construction or rebuilding involved in a renovation, and it mostly involves surface-level improvements. Projects like painting, tiling, decorating, updating appliances, and reworking windows and cabinets are all examples of home renovation.

Home remodeling is a different story. Remodeling involves more in-depth projects that dig more deeply into your home and often consume more time. Raising ceilings, changing the layout of your home, and installing walls and half-walls are all examples of home remodeling construction projects.


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2. All Hands On Deck… Or Not

The number of people required for a home renovation vs. remodel also varies. Though discussing house renovation ideas with a friend is one thing, consulting with a construction crew about your home remodel is an entirely different idea.

In a kitchen renovation, for example, no help is technically required. Though you may want to hire professionals for more involved and unique kitchen designs, you may be able to complete some smaller projects on your own. Regardless of if you hire help or if you get the help of some friends, your home renovation will require fewer people.

A home remodel becomes a bit more involved. Because many remodels involve tearing things down and building things up, you will need to hire a crew of professionals. Not only will hiring a professional team to remodel your home save time and create the most desirable outcome, but these experienced individuals know exactly what to do when taking on these larger projects.

3. Paperwork and Cost Of Remodel vs. Renovation

Home renovation and remodeling also vary in cost and regulation.

Home renovations typically require no permits and tend to cost less money. Because renovation projects are more surface level, the amount of labor is significantly lower. Additionally, you don’t need a permit to decorate your home’s interior.

Home remodeling does often require permits, as it typically involves altering the structure of your home. It also may require alteration of plumbing and electrical wiring, so these projects tend to come with more paperwork. Home remodels also tend to cost more because of the amount of work being done, the depth of the work being done, and the number of supplies needed for a home remodel.


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Renovate or Remodel: Which Works Best For You?

Now that you know the differences between a home remodel vs. renovation, it is time to figure out which one works best for you. Whether you are interested in kitchen remodeling or renovating an outdated bathroom, knowing the differences between renovation and remodeling is important when deciding what project is best for your home.

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