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Exemplary Review Sites

Various sites spend much time convincing people, organizations and businesses on the value of getting online reviews for their work. There are several review websites that include B2B companies, B2C companies and those that display individual values.

The best of them all and the most popular is the Amazon customer review site. This helps in eliminating misrepresentation reviews and fake ones. Firms whose products are listed also have space to respond to the reviews. The site was one of the earliest online storage that permitted users to post reviews regarding products on display.

Starting in 1995, the site remains the most essential to clients to date. Most of the consumers look for information related to buying decisions. As long as the products is available on Amazon, consumers will review it even if they bought it elsewhere.

There are two types of products not found on Amazon namely drug products and gasoline. Therefore, other interested buyers review the products on Amazon before making a decision on purchasing.

The differentiating factor between two products i.e. one bought and the other left lies in two things namely the shining gold stars and reviews by those who have used the product before. Amazon has a five start rating-grade for customers to allocate. Analysis and evaluation follows suit where the ratings are converted into percentages. Based on stars given to the products, the website arranges the reviews as most helpful reviews and most recent reviews.

Angie’s list is another important review. The service industry in the US is served by this website well. The services are available to those who pay for it only. To access the website, consumers must pay what the company asks for. Reviewers are paid up members. Users get what they pay for.

The site allows reviewers to rate their products on scale ranging from A to F. Reviews are well-thought out. The site has reviews written in respectable language even if they are negative criticisms. Every review must have a name and address. This helps in eliminating misrepresentation reviews and fake ones. The sequence is two-way as companies also have a space to express their thoughts about the reviews that touch on their products and services.

The other best review site is Choice. This is an Australian site. Community members fund these site. The site tests services and products independently and offers their reviews to companies. Majorly, testing of services and products is done by the review site. The website also lists buying guides and develops product comparison. Consumers can also rate the products.

Find Trustpilot is an additional site for reviews. Trustpilot continues to grow since it was established. The community in Denmark funds and drives the site. Today, the site boasts its presence in 65 nations outside Europe and the whole of Europe. The US is one of the countries where consumers enjoy these services. The website also lists buying guides and develops product comparison

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