July 16, 2024


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Lincoln garage sale raises money for Peach Park renovation

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -During the summer there’s always dozens of garage sales around the city, people looking to get rid of old or useless items, and maybe make a few dollars, but one garage sale owner in Lincoln is putting her earnings towards a good cause.

Emmy Pollen lives in Near South Lincoln where a park more than 40-years-old sits a block away from her house. People in the neighborhood donated all kinds of items to her garage sale, and all the money go towards renovating Peach Park.

The Near South Association and the city of Lincoln built Peach Park in 1979. Dozens of neighborhood kids play at the park everyday. The neighborhood feels responsible to clean it up and add more activities to the space.

“We got community input from our neighbors, and they said improving the park space was something that they considered a priority,” said Emmy Pollen, Section 19 Representative for the Near South Neighborhood association.

Pollen said kids in the neighborhood aren’t necessarily participating in a lot of after-school activities or sports, so having the playground is one of their only things to do in the summer.

“I have kids, and it’s a block away from our house, and so, it’s just important to me that they have a fun place to play and safe equipment,” Pollen said.

The long-term plan is to add new playground equipment, picnic tables, a new basketball court, drinking fountain and a swing set.

“We’re just ready for some new improvements,” Pollen said.

Individuals who didn’t get the chance to go to the garage sale on Saturday can donate at lincolnparks.org.

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