July 16, 2024


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Bird Control Methods for Homes and

Nuisance birds flying around your property are a pain. There are a lot of things you can do to get rid
of them, though. This article will walk you through the main bird control methods as well as the
scenarios in which to use each type.

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Let’s begin!

The first way to get rid of birds does not require any specialized equipment. It is to remove bird food

The first bird food source is trash. Some birds like seagulls and pigeons will eat from the trash,
whether that is on the ground or out of a trash container or compactor. The solution to birds eating
from the trash is to cover up trash containers. Switch from open containers to closed containers and
put them within reach of anywhere trash tends to accumulate. Don’t let trash accumulate on the

In accordance with keeping trash off the ground, also keep food off the ground. This means don’t let
people feed the birds. You can put up “Don’t feed the birds” signs nearby if you work at a restaurant
or food store and go outside every so often to sweep up food left behind.

One source of bird food people sometimes forget about is bird feeders. If bird feeders are nearby
and you are trying to get rid of birds, be sure to take them down.

One last possible source of food for birds is an insect infestation. If you have an insect infestation
nearby, such as bugs breeding in a pool of stagnant water or a termite infestation, for certain birds
like barn swallows or woodpeckers this represents a feast. It will be more difficult to get the birds to
leave if they have a continuous source of food. In this situation, call in a pest control company to
address the insect infestation problem. Remove any stagnant pools of water and get termites out of
the wood.

The next bird control method is bird netting. Bird netting is the best bird control recommendation for
most bird infestation problems. This is because bird netting blocks out birds with 100%
effectiveness. Other methods like bird spikes, electric shock tracks, or sound machines can work to
deter birds, but no other method excludes birds with as much certainty as bird netting.

Bird netting is best used for blocking off bird nesting grounds. Birds can nest in a number of different
places, including in the rafters of buildings, underneath rooftop structures like HVAC units, on top of
chimneys, behind trash compactors, or on ledges. The best course of action for preventing a bird
infestation is to block these areas off with bird netting so that birds cannot nest inside them.

The tricky part about bird infestations is that once birds nest, it is much more difficult to get rid of
them than preventing them from nesting in the first place. If you start to have a small bird problem, it
is usually best to address that before the birds nest and the problem gets too large.

If the birds have already nested or the problem is of a bigger nature, you can hire a bird control
company to guide you on the best course of action. They know how to remove nesting birds, which
may get territorial or be hosts to disease, and can do so within the bounds of the law.

Removing bird food sources and blocking off bird nesting grounds will solve the majority of a bird
infestation problem. If the birds have nested and are attached to the area, it will be difficult to get them to leave without taking these measures. Other bird deterrence methods can solve a minor bird
problem, but bigger bird problems can only be solved removing food and nesting grounds.

For bird problems which have not yet morphed into a bird infestation, there are other bird control
methods you can put into place at your home or business.

The first methods are ledge modification devices. These devices stop birds from perching on ledges
or other surfaces. Preventing birds from perching will stop them from remaining in the area and also
reduce bird droppings nearby.

Bird spikes are a common ledge modification device that can be bought at hardware stores and
online bird control retailers. Bird spikes stop medium-sized birds from perching on ledges. They are
moderate cost, medium visibility, and last 10-15 years.

Bird wire is another slightly less common ledge modification device. Bird wire is a springy wire
stretched across a ledge that bounces when birds try to land on it. Birds realize the surface isn’t
stable and fly away. Bird wire is low cost, low visibility, and lasts 8-10 years.

Electric shock tracks are another ledge modification option. These are electric tracks that give birds
a small jolt if they try to land. Electric shock tracks are another low visual impact alternative to bird
spikes. They are moderate cost, low visibility, and last 8-10 years.

Sound machines are one more bird control option. These machines let out bird predator cries and
species distress calls. These can reduce a small bird problem for a period of time, but the birds often
get used to sound machines after a while.


The best way to get rid of a bird infestation is to remove bird food sources and nesting
grounds. Next, you can consider installing ledge modification methods like bird spikes or sound
machines to prevent any stray birds from entering the area.
If you’ve been having a bird problem and you want help, consider reaching out to a bird control
company like AviAway. AviAway offers free bird control consultations and can guide you through
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