July 21, 2024


Elegant home interior

Woodinville Kitchen Remodel | Architect Magazine

Project Description

“The owners wanted to design a kitchen that would be functional for the homeowners but also the resale value over the next 10 years was important to them,” says Estate Homes’ Senior Interior Designer, Lynne Dillon. “They wanted to have nice appliances and also make it so that the house would have that ‘wow factor’ for people who came in to buy it. They also wanted to have it functional for cooking for her grandchildren. That’s why we installed the giant fridge.”

While this project’s end result is spectacular, the design process was not without challenges. The kitchen’s original structure had an awkward 45-degree angled wall that made the layout difficult to maneuver. Without tearing down any walls, the design team rearranged the kitchen layout to improve flow and functionality. Estate Homes also managed to build a custom island in a snug 328-square-foot space. The team went through numerous iterations before collaboratively selecting the perfect design to fit the couple’s needs.

“The couple had this dream island and we argued back and forth about the size, shape, room underneath,” says Estate Homes’ Senior Interior Designer, Lynne Dillon. “I went through five iterations of the island design, customizing it to fit their spot. It was all about keeping it functional and keeping the resale value up. I love the way the island turned out. It’s beautiful and unique. I also love the faucet, I think it’s sexy.”

This project was a true testament to Estate Homes’ adaptive collaborative design approach. While some clients encourage the interior designer to take the reins on a project, this couple was enthusiastically involved in the design process. They actively searched for their own finishes and wanted creative direction over their new kitchen—Estate Homes’s expert team problem solved with new suggestions until they could find ideal solutions for the homeowners.

Estate Homes’ Senior Interior Designer, Lynne Dillon says, “You work with the client. I love creating the home of their dreams. My approach is [doing what I can to] fulfill their dream. When they walk in their home, I want it to be exactly what they wanted it to be. That gives me a sense of fulfillment. That’s why I do my job. That’s why I’m an interior designer.”