July 15, 2024


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Which Italian Herbs Grow Better Outside?

Which Italian Herbs Grow Better Outside?

Italian herbs are known for their taste and aroma and they are quite popular among the folks who enjoy spicing up their favorite dishes. Instead of buying herbs from the supermarket, they are finding fresh herbs straight from their home herb garden do a much better job. There are many Italian herbs they can grow in their garden and we will look at some of them here.


Parsley is a very familiar and popular herbal plant. This is basically available in two varieties. The first one is the curly leaf and the Italian or flat leaf. The curly leaf is often used as a garnish. Parsley is frequently used as a companion plant. It tends to attract insect from other plants. The parsley plants can be grown outside very easily and require very little care and attention. These plants became very popular after people came to know that chewing parsley leaves after eating food freshens breath.


When people think of growing Italian herbs in their garden, one of the first herbs that comes to their mind is rosemary. This herb is very popular for its beautiful aroma and also the color and flavor it adds to the dishes. This plant takes some time to grow but during that time, it has pretty blue flowers which will add more beauty and color to your garden. This plant requires a lot of supervision and care. It will not with stand frost.


Sage is another popular herb for your garden and it is mainly used with salads, dressings and Italian meats. Sage should be trimmed as it grows after it blooms in order to get the very best it has to offer. It should be trimmed frequently allowing new shoots to grow. Fresh sage is not as bitter as dried sage, but in either case, a little goes a long way. When cooking fresh sage you should add it to the pot in the beginning rather than at the end as you would other fresh herbs. Sage will stand up to long cooking times therefore it works well in stews or braised dishes.


While most of the herbal plants are known for their leaves, the fennel plant is known for its seeds. These seeds are used to add more flavor to sausages and other meat dishes. The fennel plant is best when it is young, when it matures it loses flavor. For best results, it is better to replant it on a regular basis.


An Italian herb garden without garlic would not be complete. Garlic is one of the most used herbs in any kitchen. Garlic should be planted in the fall sometime between September and November. Depending on where you are going to plant. The soil temperature must be cooled to about 60 degrees F. The roots of the clove will start to germinate and begin to take hold, thereby anchoring the plant. Make sure you use plenty of mulch to protect them through the winter. The soil should be well drained. When the lower leaves start to brown that would be an indication it is time to dig them up for use.