July 13, 2024


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What Is Marine Construction?

The marine construction industry is a thriving, fast-paced business. Commercial entities like the Navy use marine construction to build ships, install submarine communications and power cables, and perform hydrographic and geophysical surveys. In addition, modern survey equipment and acoustic imagery are used more often, and companies may hire specialized companies to perform these jobs. As a result, the industry has evolved to include many types of work. 

Environmentally friendly

While traditional wood is durable, rotting and splintering are common problems during marine construction; sustainable marine lumber is an excellent, environmental-friendly alternative. Today’s green building industry is growing steadily as more consumers recognize the benefits of green construction and its impact on the environment. In addition to contributing to clear air and water, green construction reduces the number of toxins people are exposed to. 

Concrete used in marine construction is often a significant pollution source and often incompatible with nature. Many eco-friendly concrete solutions are based on bio-enhancing substances. ECOncrete, a company founded by marine ecologist Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, combines recycled materials with new cement to create a carbon-neutral concrete mixture. ECOncrete also contains up to 70% slag cement, which has a low carbon footprint and is perfect for marine construction. This can also be seen in the Florida marine construction.


Marine construction costs are a large part of a yachting project, but they can also vary widely depending on location. For example, building a marina in New York can cost as little as $625,000, while the same in Florida can cost as much as $8 million. Costs also depend on the materials used; high-quality steel products can be more expensive than cheaper ones. To avoid the unexpected, be careful when selecting a marine construction company. Avoid hiring one that offers low rates, but also analyzes the offers and find a company with a proven track record and a solid financial position.

The first significant investment will likely be in marketing. As a new company, you’ll need to spread the word about your services to generate interest and jobs. Most ongoing costs will include rent, employee salaries, business insurance, and equipment maintenance. Choosing a marine construction company with a good reputation for paying vendors on time is essential. Otherwise, you could end up being subject to litigation or liens. Ensure that your marine construction company can provide consistent quality delivery, regardless of weather conditions.


The new edition of Processes of Marine Construction focuses on the latest marine construction techniques and materials developments. This updated text is intended for students, engineers, ocean, coastal, and maritime construction professionals. It provides comprehensive coverage of marine construction, including construction equipment, marine operations, steel, and concrete offshore platforms, cables and risers, walls, piles, and strengthening existing structures. The book is written for students and professionals involved in marine construction, from engineers and project managers to contractors.

This book covers the most critical aspects of marine construction. The author’s comprehensive approach describes all aspects of marine construction, including design considerations and issues. He also covers a range of waterborne structures, such as bridges, wind farms, and wind turbines. The third edition of Processes of Marine Construction is substantially revised and updated and includes recent advances in marine engineering. As such, it is a necessary reference for marine and civil engineers.


Several tools for marine construction are essential for developing docks and decks. As technology continues to evolve, people no longer have to travel long distances to access these supplies. In addition, the internet has made it possible to find multiple decks and docks lumber companies online. One of these companies, Decks & Docks Lumber CO., mainly deals with marine construction supplies. Here is a look at a few of these essential tools.


Heavy civil marine construction projects often require transporting over-dimensional tools and specialized construction equipment. One rich civil marine construction company recently turned to Red Arrow Logistics to transport heavy equipment to the site. Proper permits are essential when moving over-dimensional cargo, and many states and municipalities have specific requirements for hauling oversized trucks and trailers. Pilot cars and police escorts may also be required. Red Arrow Logistics has helped this heavy civil marine construction company move its equipment safely to its new site.


During the design phase, the selection of materials for marine structures should consider several factors, including physical, chemical, and cost-performance factors. The materials should also have favorable properties, such as ease of fabrication, transportability, and maintenance. Because it will expose the structures to harsh ocean environments, care is crucial to their long-term operation. In addition to these factors, international codes and standards also play a vital role in determining materials.

The types of steel used for marine construction can be classified according to their properties. The kind of steel used for marine structures is Class A or Class B. Codal provisions also prescribe the type of steel for a particular system. However, whichever type of steel is chosen, the final structure must adhere to all regulations and requirements. Once the steels are chosen, they should also be corrosion-resistant. This is because corrosion can corrode the steel and weaken the structure.