July 25, 2024


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Rats And Mice Pest Control

Western Pest Control knows that rats and mice transmit diseases and contaminate food. These professionals are also aware fire marshals give these rodents credit for starting a large number of fires in buildings and homes. The unwelcome guests chew on a wide assortment of things including electrical wires. Using the services of professionals to eliminate these problems is an investment in safety.

The three major problems with mice and rats are the fast rate of reproduction, their athletic ability and the small sized openings they can enter through. Rodents multiply rapidly. A pair of rats produces 20 offspring in 12 months while a pair of mice can produce 40 to 60 young ones in a year. The time to call for help is as soon as the first sign of invasion is seen.

Mice and rats can be the most pesky and filthy of all pests. Waking up every day to find mouse droppings all over your kitchen counters is not only frustrating, but a serious health hazard as well. The urine and dropping of mice can carry up to thirty five diseases. This is what is being spread all over your home when there are mice lurking around at night.

At the first sign of a mouse or rat, be sure to contact professionals for helping to get rid of it. Make sure you keep the outside of your home free from garbage build up. Ask professionals how to locate and block the entrances mice may have been using to get in.

Although most people are unaware of the athletic ability of these invaders, Western Pest Control understands rodent behavior. While a rat can jump up 36 inches and vertically 48 inches, a mouse can only leap 12 inches. A mouse can scale almost any textured wall and can jump down 8 feet without injury. Basically these invaders go wherever they want.

Both of these rodents can squeeze through very small areas to find new places to live. Rats can slip through an opening as small as 1/2 inch in diameter. Their small cousins, the mice, only need an area 1/4 inch in size and enter houses alongside plumbing pipes.

The best way to eliminate the danger of contaminated food, the potential of 55 different diseases and fires is to eradicate these rodents. Specialists knows how to eliminate the problems before hundreds of rats and mice are running around, climbing and jumping everywhere and using small openings as doorways into and out of homes. Western Pest Control will keep the home rodent free.