July 23, 2024


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Koh Samui Holidays

Koh Samui is a magnificent island in Thailand, whose history goes back to just around 1500 years. As late as 80s, the economy of the Koh Samui Island depended on fishing and coconuts. But today, it has become a world-class tourist island, whose economy today depends on tourism.

The lovely beaches and the virgin sea of Ko Samui assure a calming and entertaining vacation in Thailand. There are different choices available for vacation in Koh Samui, as there are accommodation options for every budget, with economy motels, hotels, boutique resorts, apartments and villas.

The ambience of the lovely villas in Ko Samui is very lavish. These villas are nicely furnished and fitted with all the necessary facilities and luxuries such as kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator, exclusive terraces, computer and internet connection, satellite TV, DVD player, AC and a locker. The balconies open out to give a magnificent view of the sea and verdant tropical forests encircling the island to relax the troubled souls.

The high-end holiday resorts or boutique resorts meet the highest standard. They include extra internal amenities like restaurants, Samui spa resorts, fitness room, Jacuzzis and pools.

The natives of Samui are cordial and friendly. The Thai people respect both their king and their religion very highly. They provide an impressive experience of welcome, making you want to revisit the island. Its a great place to be. People around the world come here to enjoy the scenic beauty. There are lots of hotels in Samui, but Park Samui Hotel is the best.