June 16, 2024


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How to choose a memory foam mattress?

If you wish to enjoy uninterrupted, comfortable, and comfy sleep then nothing can help you except the best memory foam mattress. Known for its ultimate comfort, memory foam mattress gives you a cloud-like feel as you sleep on it. 

Made with revolutionary technique and quality material, memory foam mattress provides the right spine support, has body contouring ability, helps you attain the right sleeping position, and ensure proper airflow as you lie down on your bed. All these factors contribute to a sound sleep which further promotes pink health and well-being. 

Have you ever imagined that a mattress can make a huge difference? 

We think you haven’t. Though the benefits of memory foam mattress are promising enough, you can only enjoy them only if you have chosen the right & best memory foam mattress. 

 Now, the legit question that raises its head here is: 

What makes a memory foam mattress right & best for you? 

Well, this and many more questions related to memory foam mattress online purchases will be answered in this article. 

  • Find out your sleeping pattern 

Before you go out in the market and inquire about memory foam mattress prices at the retailer shop, you must find out your sleeping pattern. We all have different sleeping pattern and our mattress should be the supportive one if we wish to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The three most common sleeping patterns are sleeping on the back, sleeping on sides, and sleeping on the stomach. 

If you belong to the first category then make sure that the memory foam mattress that you’re buying should have medium firmness (about 4 to 5 lbs or 1.81-2.27 kg) to support your spine right. For on-stomach sleeper, mattresses made from firmer foam (above 5lbs or 2.27 kg) are the best pick. If you prefer sleeping on your side then you should pick soft mattress (above 2 to 3 lb. or 0.91-1.36 kg). 

  • Understand the basic memory foam mattress types 

Memory foam mattress comes in various forms and having a basic understanding of these types is important to before you make your final decision. The chief memory foam mattress types based on their manufacture type of material used are:

Traditional memory foam – The earliest type created by memory foam mattress manufacturer, this type was created to enhance circulation, joint stress, provide support, and minimize pressure on joints. 

Latex memory foam – An advanced memory foam type, latex memory foam is free from ‘sinking in’ ability and has boasting comfort and support. It’s highly hypoallergenic and comes with great antimicrobial properties. So, if dust allergy is what bothering you then you must pick latex memory foam mattress in India. 

Gel memory foam – With special same gel formulation in inserts, this type of memory foam mattress is designed to reduce pressure. The gel trapped in pockets ensures that there is proper airflow and keep the temperature optimal. If you have a tendency of excessive sweating while sleeping then this is the right option to consider. 

  • Pick the one which suits to your budget 

Once you find out which memory foam mattress type is the right pick for you, the next thing that needs your attention is the memory foam mattress price. The memory foam mattress is a huge investment and you need to make the right decision considering your spending capacity into mind. Now, memory foam mattresses are available online as well wherein you can save some extra bucks with ongoing offers and cash back facility. So, we suggest you buy a memory foam mattress online to save big time.

If you’re buying directly from memory foam mattress suppliers then also don’t hesitate to collect quotes from different suppliers as there is always a slight difference from supplier to supplier. 

  • Pay attention to ILD rating

Another factor that determines as the firmness of your memory foam mattress is the ILD rating. Before you make the final purchase, make sure you pay attention to it as well. The lower would be the ILD value softer and comfortable would be the mattress. While higher ILD value indicates that the foam is firmer, create noticeable resistance, and offer maximum support to your spine. 

The ideal memory foam mattress is the one that has low ILD value in one layer and high ILD value in the top layer. So, don’t forget to inquire about the ILD value of your mattress before you make the final payment. 

  • Always choose the best memory foam mattress manufacturer 

With professional and seasoned memory foam mattress manufacturers, you can be assured of quality and durability. A CertiPUR-US memory foam mattress manufacture can be trusted as with them you can be tension-free about the fact that your memory foam mattress would be free from harmful chemicals. 

  • Pick the one that fits on your bed well 

An extra short or long memory foam mattress can never be right for you. In both cases, you’re likely to face great discomfort and cause great damage to your pricey memory foam mattress. There are various standard sizes of a memory foam mattress. Whether you’ve got a single comfy bed to extra-large King, you’ll always find the right-sized memory foam mattress to pair with it.  

While the difference between single and double bed is visible, there is a very minute difference in Queen and King Size. So, don’t forget to find out which is needed in your case.

We hope all these tips will help you find the right memory foam mattress for you. If things are still confusing for you and you can’t make the right decision, we would suggest you visit the store of the best memory foam mattress manufacturer and take proper consultation. They’ll surely help you out. 

Happy buying!