July 25, 2024


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How Roof Leaks Can Affect Your Health?

When we think of roof leaks, usually our first concern is the damage to the roof structure and the repairs that will be necessary in the context of such a problem. But did you know that a leaking roof can also have serious consequences for your health?

A factor that is directly related to this is the moisture that enters a home through roof leaks, which can lead to the growth of mold, posing a real health risk to its occupants. In today’s article we take a look at this problem, exploring what health risks can arise from roof leaks and how we can deal with them.

How can a leaking roof contribute to the worsening of our health?

A leaky roof is not only a problem that can negatively affect the structure of our house, but also a serious threat to our health. Namely, the moisture that gets inside the house due to minor or major roof leaks creates ideal conditions for mold growth.

This dangerous and undesirable fungus can cause really serious consequences for our health. Mold, as a moisture-loving fungus, not only creates an unpleasant smell, but can also irritate our respiratory tract. This results in frequent coughing, watery eyes and, in the worst cases, taking into account this toxicity, can even lead to the development of cancer. Therefore, ignoring the problem of a leaking roof can lead to serious health consequences for the occupants of the entire house.

How to get rid of mold?

When we have not taken specific preventive steps early enough and it is too late and we are dealing with mold in the attic or anywhere else in our home, quick and sensible steps should be taken to get rid of it. However, attempting to remove mold yourself may not be the right move, as failure to do so can lead to much more serious and undesirable health consequences.

Therefore, in such a situation, it is best to use the services of professionals, such as those at A.B. Edward, who specialise in safely and effectively removing mold from the attic and other areas of the home. However, simply removing mould may not be enough, as the most important thing is to eliminate the cause of mold, which is usually a leaking roof. In such situations, it is necessary to take decisive action, such as a solid renovation or even replacement of the entire roof, in order to seal it and effectively prevent moisture from forming in unwanted areas.


A leaky roof is a problem that can have serious consequences not only for the condition of our home, but also for our health. Moisture that enters through leaks promotes the formation of mold. This fungus can seriously irritate our respiratory tract, causing persistent coughing, long-lasting watery eyes and can even lead to much more serious diseases, such as cancer.

This is why it is important to act quickly and carefully once you notice a roof leak. It is worth enlisting the help of experts who can help you assess the situation and find an effective solution that will protect your home and ensure a healthy environment for its occupants.