July 16, 2024


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Effective Measures For Eradication Of Booklice

Effective Measures For Eradication Of Booklice

Pest control is almost as old as agriculture. Termites can detect the smallest of the gaps to enter a building. Termites can cause immense damage to the building structure as well as many articles of use. The problem of termites can be overcome by using some simple methods used for termite control. There are many types of termites and each one has to be treated in a particular method and using the appropriate termite control chemicals for complete eradication. There are many pest control companies that provide services to homeowners as well as industrial and commercial concerns.

Another insect is the booklice. These are tiny insects and their most important food source is moulds and mildews. They grow in dusty, damp and warm places. Booklice are commonly found where there is a lot of paper such as book stores and libraries. They not only destroy books but can also be transferred on food products like cereals and grains easily. Leather, wood and plaster are also some of their favorite places to rest. They spread very fast and make a new home very easily.

Booklice have no wings and are around one to two millimeters long. They have large square heads, chewing instead of sucking mouthparts and have medium to long antennas. Most of them are colorless but some varieties are grey or light brown. They do not live very long. Their life span is between two to four months.

Booklice, also known as paper lice, do no harm to humans but they are not liked by them. Since they multiply very quickly, it takes them no time to make new homes inside cupboards, walls, books and kitchen cabinets.

It is not very easy to detect booklice but once detected, there are some simple methods to ensure they do not enter the house. These are as follows:

=> 1. The rooms should be well ventilated.
=> 2. All plumbing jobs must be well taken care of.
=> 3. Any leakages must be fixed immediately.
=> 4. All paper and wooden boxes must be kept one to two inches above the floor.
=> 5. Pesticide sprays must be used periodically.
=> 6. Mould and mildew must be removed immediately.
=> 7. All places in the house must be sanitized completely.

To make sure your home or property is free from termites such as booklice, pest inspection is essential. Professional and trained personnel are better able to eradicate these in an efficient manner. The sooner the treatment is applied, the easier it is to control the growth of these termites.