May 23, 2024


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8 ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

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Carpet is one of the home decorating material that most owner uses in their living room and some other rooms in their home. Most people are more interested in getting a fancy or attractive carpet and therefore overlook what it takes to keep the carpet in good condition for a longer period.

This post will help you know the best means you can extend the life span of your carpet. So, with the points below, you should be able to handle your carpet in the right way.

Properly lay the carpet

One of the things that contribute to the lifespan of a carpet is who it is laid on the floor. There is a high possibility that a carpet that is wrongly laid will get torn in one way or another. I have experienced several times.

If you want to lay your carpet on any floor, it is essential that you make use of perfect tools for cutting carpet. If your carpet is not properly laid, it will definitely get damaged. So, you need to ensure you get the perfect size for the floor dimension. 

Vacuum the carpet regularly

You will be doing lots of good for your carpet if you can constantly keep it clean. One of the ways to go about that is through the use of vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming your carpet helps in the removal of allergens, bugs, dirt, and other debris.

You just have to get the vacuum opening closer to your carpet but not too close. Once you notice it can easily pick up dirt, you can maintain such positioning. Apart from the fact that it helps to keep your carpet neat, it also reduces any chance for health issues, especially for those who have toddlers that play on the carpet.

Lay down rug or mat on carpet

Sometimes, we do not have to control the number of people we welcome to our homes. For instance, you just put to bed, or one of your kids is celebrating his or her birthday, such events will bring people to your home to celebrate with you.

It is essential that you get a rug or mat and lay on the area where you can spot high traffic. If there is a spot that people often step on your carpet, you can place the mat or rug there to reduce impact or pressure on that particular area.

Cover the leg of your chairs

On several occasions have we been pushed to replace the newly bought carpet because of our negligence to do the right thing. On several occasions, we have to make use of tape and glue to join torn areas on the carpet. Covering the edges of your chair will make it easier to move over the carpet without leading to any damages. This has nothing to do as regarding the sofa you have at home but for kids chairs that they move around from one place to another.

React to spill and sticky substances

It is absolutely unavoidable for you to experience spill and sticky substances on your carpet, especially when you have little ones around. They can make a mess of the whole place when trying to eat or during playtime. You can’t avoid that, but you can respond in a positive manner.

Once you notice the spillage of materials on the carpet, you should take the next action to get a mop or cloth to clean it off. If need be for you to use detergent, ensure you make use of it and never be too busy to allow a sticky substance to stay longer on your carpet.

Remove your shoes before entering your house

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The way you present your thing is the same way others will respond. If you, as a homeowner, can walk on your carpet with your shoes on, you should expect a visitor to do the same or your kids. Dirt particles on your shoe sole will leave an unpleasant mark on your carpet, and that will affect the life span of the carpet.

You can care for your carpet by getting an entrance rug or mat where you can clean off the dirt on your shoe sole before walking into your house. Also, you can get a shoe storage rack where you can have your shoes stored before you ever walk into the house.

Use good cleaning tools

Be wary of the cleaning tools you use for cleaning your carpet. Some cleaning tools such as detergent, vacuum cleaner, neat, and soft cloth can help you have a smooth experience with cleaning your carpet. Do not get a detergent that can cause harm to your carpet because most of them are made from chemicals.

Keep dirt away from your house

The simplest way to prolong the lifespan of your carpet is to keep dirt away from your home. You should try all means to ensure that the influx of dirt in your home is minimal. Get a doormat to help you keep the feet clean for household members and visitors before they walk into the house.

Do not be deceived that your carpet is neat once you notice the upper part is clean. There are times you have to take the carpet off and clean the bottom part of the carpet. Often times the lower part of the carpet harbor dirt that is unseen to all. So, the best to get rid of them is to check fortnightly.


Extending the lifespan of your carpet should be your priority, except you want to keep buying carpet frequently. If you do not have the luxury of the fund to blast, then you should learn the easiest means you can keep your carpet in good condition for a longer period. So, on this post, we have shared with you eight important points that we think will be of great importance to you. They are not the only means to extend your carpet lifespan. So, we suggest you do your research to find out more means to maintain your carpet.