April 20, 2024


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5 Brand Evaporative Air Coolers You Must Try

A hot room can interfere with the activities we are doing. If you have this, there are only a few solutions that are none other than using a fan, air conditioner, or best evaporative cooler. These three types of air conditioners look the same in business matters, but actually have differences in the way they work and the results. If what you need is the flexibility value, then the air cooler can be selected.

Air cooler itself is an air conditioner that offers flexibility in matters of placement and ease of use. In the market there are various choices of air coolers which will certainly confuse for those of you who still lack knowledge of these products. Hence, here are some recommended best brands of air coolers.

1. Vankool Air Cooler – VAB008-EQ

Vankool offers cool, cool air conditioners to be installed in your living room. In the VAB008-EQ air cooler series, Vankool designs this product with the latest technology with many features. This air conditioner uses a cooling pump system and has an air speed of 6 millimeters / second. In addition to the coolness that is presented, Vankool Air Cooler – VAB008-EQ will also eliminate humidity in the room.

Other features can be found in ionizer technology which will work to absorb dust and smoke by releasing negative oxygen ions into the air. The capacity of this product tank or water container reaches 6 liters. Tori also provides this air conditioning product with 3 types of wind, namely normal, natural, and sleep that can be adjusted automatically. There is also a touch button and remote control to adjust to a distance of 6 m.

2. Vankool Air Cooler – VAB025-EQ

Vankool has become an air-cooling brand that is still in high demand. One of its water cooler series is Vankool Air Cooler – VAB025-EQ which is designed with an elegant and luxurious appearance. For the quality of this product itself, is not in doubt. Because, Vankool Air Cooler – VAB025-EQ pocketed a variety of features that provide more value to him.

These features include ionizer technology which also has a working system similar to the previous air-conditioning products from Tori. Then to make it easy for users, Kangaroo includes remote access remotes along with a push button on this tool. Users can also set a time between 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. This product has a water storage container for 4.5 liters.

3. Vankool Air Cooler – VAB05-ACDC

Not a few people claim that Honeywell’s air conditioning products have advantages in the aspect of using electrical energy. That’s right, one of the flagship brands of water-saving electric cooler, the VAB05-ACDC type, does offer extra features, but it won’t consume much electricity. This product is suitable for those who live in big cities.

The Vankool Air Cooler has an oval shape extending upwards which is adorable when placed in a corner of the room. This product is ideal for providing a cool breeze to your room with a large enough capacity. Sophisticated features are included by this technology brand from the United States. One of its superior features is the reminder alarm that can sound when the water in the tank is used up.

4. Vankool Air Cooler – VD30-IQ

Moving on to the next product, there is Vankool Air Cooler – VD30-IQ. This type of air conditioning brand from Vankool has a white color with a dazzling minimalist black, very suitable when placed in a room with white or gray paint. Discussing about the features, Vankool Air Cooler – VD30-IQ itself is equipped with ion release technology to clean the air from germs and bacteria.

Wind coverage on this one air cooler is also wider because it has a wide swing fan. Another advantage is that there is a diagnosis or checking the amount of water remaining in the tank with a capacity of 6 liters that will automatically turn off the pump when the water in the tank is low. The power consumption of this product alone is 69 watts.

5. Vankool Air Cooler – VU30-IQ

Of course it does not need to be told again lunge from this famous brand. Therefore, you immediately get acquainted with one of the best Vaankool brand air coolers of type VU30-IQ. The air cooler is rich in advanced features such as auto swing louvers. This feature will work to activate the horizontal air circulation mode.

Of course with these features, the wind will be felt throughout the room. This Sharp product is also equipped with an ice pack unit that will add coolness while still providing comfortable quality in the room. Talking about the design, this air conditioner product is designed in a minimalist style but still maintains its elegance so that it is suitable to be placed anywhere.