July 16, 2024


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Zoom in to Style: Growing Trends for Hotel Interior Designs

Hotel managements give importance both to the exterior and interior designs. These are some factors that define industrial standards. The exterior design allures the first impression of a customer. The interior gives them a homely perception that grants their level of comfort. 

These factors increase a customer’s rate of satisfaction. The hotel also wins their loyalty as an accommodation they choose to go back to.

Here are some of the growing trends for hotel interior designs:

Hotel Lobbies

The entrance lobby is the first place where guests will be on hold for booking. In these present times, minimal designs do not seem to impress.

Entrance extravaganza allures more guests. Large chandeliers and indoor waterfalls strike a lot of conviction. As they provide evidence for having the best service in hospitality.

Today’s hotels envision lobbies for multi-purpose spaces suitable for travelers’ needs. They designed it to harbor functionality and access. The lobby serves as a place for casual and formal conversations. These lobbies should also allow gadget use such as pleasant chairs and furniture.


Modernization raised new design trends that are highly expected by the customers. A simple bed, chairs, side table, and locker would not suffice their needs. Especially with the different agendas’ travelers tend to.

Hotels configure guest rooms accessible and flexible to adapt to. King-sized beds and elegant decors are one thing that set high appeal. Some hotels also offer creative offices. Most features are functional chairs and tables for business travelers.

The visitors that get to know the place more also appreciated local arts because of these.


Today’s high-quality hotels hold more surprises for their customers as they level up more. They lay the perception of bathrooms as supplementary corners back into the past. Hotels have expanded over their bathroom essentials and offered self-produced. Luxury has touched bathrooms with its aromatic sense. Bathrooms now take as much space as they needed.

Bathrooms became more like a spa. Accommodating waterfall showers, Jacuzzis, oversized bathtubs, and the likes are highlights. There are also sauna types of chairs to relax on. 

Indoor Restaurants

We consider cooking one art. So, even the cooking place and dining must be one as well. New designs and themes that take turn the practical venue into an unforgettable one. Some bars provide long table space for exhibitions. Also, while surrounded by many chairs available for viewing.

Hotels have moved on offering food from under their chain. They started partnerships among famous ones. They have integrated many choices of high-end restaurants. It takes customers into another world while only staying inside the hotel.

Personalized and Themed 

The way to a customer’s loyalty is through experience. So, gaining more long-standing consumers, hotels innovated into personalized designs. Themed rooms are on-demand, especially that travelers can only try at once. Examples are color explosions on chairs and bed panels. Creating motifs and themes gives out a wow factor. New concepts include pop-up and modular hotels. These hotels are temporary, moves to where events are, and most often visit sites.

Bringing outside things in

The outside things refer to nature. Hotel establishments try to change indoor and outdoor boundaries. This is possible through establishing enormous decks and even balconies with swimming pools. Natural lightings are possible through vast windows.

Plant fields, stone designs, and comfy chairs contribute to losing tension. This will enable the guests to meditate and avoid feeling homesick. Not only that, but this also gives a sense of sustainability for hotel owners. 

The materials used are natural. Some furniture such as chairs are reused, recycled, or made from reclaimed materials. Green walls and recycling bins give a touch of eco-friendliness.

Technological Advancements

Not all travelers look for hi-tech accommodations. However, more and more hotels are trying to achieve this. Having accessible trends in technology are a must especially for business tourism. They need to be ensured of connectivity 24/7.

These technological advancements include:

  • Fast speed internet connection

  • Online check-in and devices

  • Mobile phone commands for turning on and off appliances

  • Massage chairs, etc.


These trends set a social standard for a fashion timeline. They are valuable to be recognized. It helps the hotel industry to provide reasonable competency. These trends prove communications with customers in improving their services. So, when you travel, you’ll able to feel at home away from home.