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What Types of Doors Should You Pair with Different Home Styles in Illinois?

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Have you ever noticed all the different house styles in Illinois?

The Prairie State is home to some of the most unique architecture in all of the United States. You’ll find a plethora of different architectural designs and décor in Illinois homes. Some houses have evolved with the times and incorporated more modernistic aesthetics. However, a lot of homes in the state have retained their vintage appeal throughout the decades. 

Many of these styles of homes are reminiscent of Illinois’ rich cultural and colonial history. Every culture that made its way to the state left its mark behind in one way or another. Today, these marks are visible to residents in the form of residential architecture. An important part of establishing a unique identity for a home in Illinois is the style of doors installed in it. Steel and iron doors in Illinois can make all the difference to a home’s exterior and interior look.

So, let’s discuss which iron door or steel door in Illinois goes the best with each respective home style.

Victorian – Wrought Iron Doors

If you’ve been living in Illinois for a while, chances are you’ve come across a few Victorian-style houses. These houses are easily distinguishable due to their exceptionally unique build. They’re often characterized by rustic brown exteriors, with cast-iron lamp posts in the lawns and wrought iron hardware in the doors and windows. These houses are beautifully reminiscent of the Victorian era, where the higher class would lounge on their big open lawns and serene decks. 

The entry door style that fits this style of home perfectly is a wrought iron door. In Illinois, wrought iron doors can be found with beautiful yet simple designs. Iron doors are magnificent on their own, but when you add a stylish transom to go with your entry iron door in Illinois, you get a perfect blend of vintage home design. Interior steel doors in the sliding door or accordion door styles also go well with these homes.

Cape Cod – Dutch Doors

Another very common style of home you’ll see in Illinois is the Cape Cod style. This style is known for its eccentric gabled roof, numerous windows, and classic front doors. These homes were also developed by early settlers in the state, owing to their vintage look. 

Dutch iron entry doors go beautifully with Cape Cod homes. They add to the vintage yet functional aesthetic of homes simply by providing a rustic look. Cape Cod homes also used to have fences around them or at their entrances. Today, these are rare to see as Dutch doors often do the job of keeping children and pets inside the home. You’ll also find steel interior doors in these homes because they add to the look of the home. Most often, steel doors are used as wine cellar doors and pantry doors in Cape Cod style Illinois homes.

Bungalow – Barn Doors

Bungalows are more common in Illinois than the previous two home styles discussed here. They’re instantly recognizable due to their modernistic style. Bungalows are known for being cozy and inviting due to their characteristic brick construction and additional fireplace elements. 

In terms of the exterior, bungalows are best paired with iron entry doors or Dutch steel doors. Since they usually don’t have the space for double iron doors to be installed at the house entrance, bungalows typically consist of single doors. The best style to go with is steel or iron Dutch doors. To go the extra mile, some homeowners also add sidelights to their entry iron door in Illinois. As for the home interior, steel barn doors are perfect additions to an Illinois bungalow. They elevate the cozy and inviting vibe of the house and increase the functionality of the living space. 

Colonial – Single Iron Doors

Another home style you’ll likely come across in Illinois is the Colonial style. As the name suggests, this home style is particularly reminiscent of the colonial period. The influence of multiple colonizer settlements in the state throughout its ancient history reflects in the aesthetics of a Colonial home in Illinois. 

Colonial-style homes also mostly incorporate single iron and steel entry doors in Illinois. The choice is often deliberate since there’s also sufficient space to fit a double iron entry door. The installation of a single wrought iron front door is what makes these homes seem much more individualistic than other styles. For the interior of Colonial-style homes, black steel doors and windows often go well. Since white is a representative color of Colonial-style homes in Illinois, many homeowners also paint their interior iron/steel doors white.

Contemporary – French Doors 

Apart from the many vintage architectural styles in Illinois, you’ll also find contemporary home styles that reflect modern architectural trends. The contemporary style of Illinois homes is often conflated with the Mid-Century Modern style due to their similarities. Since it first became a trend in the late 20th century, contemporary architecture has become characterized by modernistic and flat rooftops, large glass windows/doors, and the addition of swimming pools or patios. 

The best door style to go with contemporary-style homes is French iron doors or French steel doors. French doors in Illinois are designed to contain large glass panes that offer a complete view of the room they’re placed on the entrance of. They’re often paired with many light fixtures on the top, bottom, and sides to reflect a modern style of living. Black steel French doors are also great additions to the interior of contemporary homes. They make great patio doors, pantry doors, and office doors.

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