February 29, 2024


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What to Consider When Building A Pool Cabana


Getting a swimming pool in your home is a great achievement. The only thing that may be better than enjoying your pool would be knowing you can access other amenities easily. For example, you may need to get a cool drink after a swim. The best location for keeping cold drinks is a pool house.


Some people believe a pool house to be a luxurious or extravagant frill. However, if you can afford to get one it may be worth your while. The design and structure will be determined by your budget. You can opt for an affordable poolhouse cabana by converting a garden shed to a pool house. Whatever you decide to do, there are some things that should be considered when you are constructing such a structure.


Building Codes


Make sure you know the building codes of your area with regards to pool cabanas. Generally, the structure should be placed at a prescribed distance from the pool. Usually the depth of the water determines this distance. Use your county’s or city’s codes to ensure you meet the set guidelines.


Use Your Home’s Architecture As A Guide


The cabana does not need to have to follow the exact architecture of your home. At the same time, it should look like it was part of the home’s design. For visual cohesion, make sure characteristics such as proportions and style of the structure complement the home.


Plan For Indoor and Open Air


You will want to design an enclosed interior space to protect you from the elements, while at the same time using a wide overhang to stay out of the sun and enjoy the fresh air.




Guests and family members will want some level of privacy when they are changing into their swimsuits. Design the pool cabana in a way that it offers the highest levels of privacy. Features such as blinds, frosted windows, privacy walls and screens are good options to consider.


Keep Your Home Dry


If you have to go to the house to get fresh towels and cold drinks, you will not be maximizing the use of your pool house. Try getting a mini fridge and stocking it with your favorite drinks. Make sure you have a shelf or cabinet for storing dishware and extra towels. If possible, you can add a bathroom area with a shower and a toilet. This allows you and your guests to rinse off without having to go into the main house.


Ample Storage


Pool accessories have a tendency to accumulate and can be cumbersome. Make sure your pool house is clutter free by including sufficient shelves and cabinets. Regularly arrange items in the pool house and discard accessories or pool gear you no longer use.




Add a few gadgets to make your pool house entertaining, functional and pleasant. For instance, you can install Wi-Fi, dimmer-controlled lighting, a television set and a sound system. These electronics are crucial especially if you like entertaining guests on a regular basis. Remember to include a charging section so that people can comfortably charge their mobile devices.