July 19, 2024


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Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring Choices

Are you attempting to build a toxic-no cost dwelling space? Are you functioning tricky to do away with VOCs by creating better alternatives? As you transform or build, your flooring tops the listing as a single substance that can make a massive variance in the atmosphere you build.

What are VOCs?

VOC is short for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals that have been demonstrated to have an effect on health possibly in the shorter or lengthy phrase. Some of them are carcinogenic, and have been established to harm wellness.

1000’s of frequent, daily items applied throughout household and professional spaces have large degrees of VOCs. As we turn into more informed of what they are and how they affect us, we’re performing hard to lessen them in the factors most possible to have an affect on us.

Still, some elements have significant VOC levels, these as cleansing products, paints and finishes, and other building elements. Once in location, they “off-gas” and launch chemicals into the air source. Depending on the ailments, that might expose all all around it to high pollutant ranges. VOCs off-gassing may possibly incorporate chemical substances these kinds of as:

  • Formaldehyde – uncovered in pressed wooden, plastics, lacquers, paneling, flooring, finishing solutions, and home furnishings.
  • Phenol – discovered in some vinyl flooring and wall coverings.
  • BTEX – observed in petroleum-centered merchandise.
  • Methylene chloride – the most popular of all VOCs, it’s in flame retardant chemical substances. It is prevalent in adhesives.

Residing with VOCs

Regretably, our way of life of contemporary conveniences dictates that VOCs will be a part of our life for the foreseeable long term. When 1000’s of chemical substances arrive with each other indoors to variety a harmful soup, the benefits can incorporate complications, dizziness, tiredness, and shortness of breath. Prolonged-term publicity can direct to significant ailment, such as hurt to the central nervous program, or most cancers.

A study by the EPAs Office of Exploration and Progress found about a dozen typical natural pollutants to be two to 5 periods larger within homes than outside the house, irrespective of no matter if the homes ended up located in rural or really industrial places.

Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring ChoicesWith so numerous harmful substances inside of your property, several homeowners are taking the stage to find out far more about VOCs, what it usually takes to remove them, and make improved selections when deciding on house products these as flooring choices.

How to come across the most secure, greenest flooring choices for your home

As you tackle various home advancement projects, spend notice to the elements or substances applied for every merchandise you carry into your home. This may well seem like an mind-boggling endeavor at initial, but this is a little something you can begin shelling out attention to around time.

The EPA provides a total checklist of recognised VOCs, what they are, and how they may well be shown on the supplies or items you invest in.

You can also glance for certification packages listed on the products and solutions you acquire. The most typical certifications for evaluating a product’s outcome on indoor air high-quality contain:

GreenGuard – it has two levels of certification that evaluate VOC degrees in products and solutions. The GreenGuard Gold certification is generally thought of the most practical for analyzing wholesome goods on the marketplace today.

Floorscore – Floorscore certification offers a typical certification approach for all varieties of challenging surface flooring components, underlayment, and adhesives. Floorscore complies with the lawfully allowable boundaries in California, which does necessarily mean it is not as in depth as GreenGuard. But it is however a starting point to obtaining cleaner, a lot less harmful flooring.

Green Label Furthermore is the carpet industry’s VOC certification course of action. They test for 35 compounds shown in California recommendations for VOCs. This features carpet, padding, and adhesives.

There are other businesses that offer suggestions on what VOC limitations are permitted in the creation of the flooring content. If you have any issues, you can inquire a single of our flooring consultants, or do a small research by yourself to get a lot more cozy about the product or service you’re thinking of shopping for.

What flooring decisions should you look at?

It is complicated to make just one distinct recommendation for flooring in an post like this for the reason that the assistance would be subjective at most effective.

Just one of the greenest solutions can remove VOCs and be a wonderful flooring option for your household, yet have precise attributes that may not be conducive for the way your family lives. A different choice could have very low VOCs and be installed in this kind of a way that it poses small risk to your residing atmosphere.

What is the most effective flooring to suit your requirements? Only you can make that conclusion.

Having said that, as recommendations for very low or zero VOCs, we usually recommend:


Normal hardwood flooring is pretty frequently at the best of the listing as a safe solution for removing VOCs from your home. There are, of program, things you will have to watch out for as you make your closing variety.

Wood is made up of all-natural terpenes that are thought of harmless in most circumstances. If you have a superior sensitivity, in particular fragrant wooden selections may result in extra than other solutions.

All wood goes by way of processing from forest to last set up. Some of the chemical compounds that flooring goods go by means of can harbor substances that may well affect extremely delicate people today. This is the place it pays to remain inform as to the products you invest in and what processes the company utilized to provide the flooring to market.

Wood also is a porous substance, which usually means it has a increased probability of harboring mold. Adhere to all pointers to assure your hardwood is properly acclimated to your dwelling ahead of set up.

Finishes and adhesives can also transform a person of the greenest products into 1 of the most harmful. There are quite a few small and no VOC solutions for both. Just be certain your installer is aware of your wants, and assists you pick the very best of the two.


Yet another natural merchandise that can be a fantastic addition to your property is tile.

Marble tile is a good option for each good appears and low VOCs. Since marble is quarried from mother nature, you will be bringing a normal solution inside your house. Like wood, you will have to pay attention to the generation course of action to guarantee the general product has lower or no VOCs after it is installed within your home. And sealants, finishes, or adhesives must be checked to make certain they fulfill your expectations on VOC concentrations you would like to bring within your dwelling.

Slate is also a good alternative. A resin is typically utilised in manufacturing to fill in little pits and holes to make it a smoother floor. Be certain the products and solutions employed are minimal VOCs. This is in which it pays to go with a very well-recognised producer, one you can exploration totally ahead of you finalize your acquire.

If you’re prepared to eliminate VOCs and find the correct flooring decision to suit your requirements, these are just a couple of the products and solutions that may make fantastic additions to your home.