April 18, 2024


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Top Sprinkler Problems That Can Be Fixed

Do you use a sprinkler in your garden, and you suspect it is having functional problems? Sprinklers are the heroes behind the beautiful gardens you see around. Unfortunately, people tend to assume that sprinkler problems cannot be fixed, and end up spending too much money on acquiring new ones.

Instead of this, be familiar with how your sprinkler system works so that you can identify any problem before it advances further.

Here are some common problems that your sprinkler might have, which can be fixed by a sprinkler repairer.

Over Spraying

There is the amount of water a sprinkler should discharge. If this amount is exceeded, this could be a sign that your sprinkler has a problem. Over spraying can be due to various causes ranging from over-sized heads, tilted heads to high pressure on your sprinkler. You should probably have it checked by a sprinkler expert. A lot of water can damage your plants and will lead to increased water bills.

Spoilt Sprinkler Heads

Overtightening your sprinkler head may damage it. Although a sprinkler head may fail due to mechanical damage, it may also get damaged when carrying out your garden activities. Forklift, mowers, and hard objects falling on it may damage its head. Always protect from heavy objects, mostly when storing it.

Water Leak

 Water leaks are the most common problems you are likely to experience with your sprinkler. This problem may be due to one or more zones leaking, broken pipes, or broken valves. It is crucial to regularly check your sprinkler to identify these problems before they advance, making them worse. Consider consulting a sprinkler Repair Denver expert if you can’t identify what is causing your sprinkler to leak.

Low Pressure

You may notice that your sprinkler is not discharging water to all parts of your garden, as it usually did. This can be a result of reduced pressure. Low pressure is normally caused by backward preventer valves not opening properly. Your sprinkler is installed with two backward preventer pipes, horizontal and vertical pipes. If these pipes are not opening fully, this may result in low pressure.


This is one of the most common sprinkler problems encountered by gardeners. Debris from your garden may pass to the nozzle or even the sprinkler head clogging them. Sand and dirt may damage the nozzles, which may need to be replaced. Ensure you do a regular checkup to remove any materials that may cause clogging.

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can make your irrigation a nightmare. If you suspect broken pipes are the cause for your sprinkler failure, consider evaluating if there has been any digging near the pipes. If the pipe is damaged, you may have to replace it for you to resume operations in your garden.

Always check if your sprinkler is working as it should. When you identify any kind of abnormality, consider getting a sprinkler repair expert to help you do some checkups and repairs in case your sprinkle is damaged. This will prevent the need for replacing it, which is expensive.