May 19, 2024


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These flooring hacks will make your interior look bigger

Even if you have a small room there are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to make your space seem much bigger than it really is. These tricks include clever storage solutions, as well as the careful placing of lighting solutions. One often overlooked hack to increasing the interior appearance of a room is to choose effective flooring solutions.

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Flooring can have a much bigger impact on your room’s appearance than you might think. For example, the use of wooden flooring can create a much bigger look than a cosy, textured carpet. Scaling back your flooring to something simple can have an immediate impact on the feeling of space.

Think about using planks instead of strips of wood. Planks are wider than three inches, whereas strips are narrower. By using planks of wood parallel to the longest wall you can create fewer seams on the floor and make it look bigger. Laying the planks on a diagonal can also help to increase the feeling of space as it forces the eye into using a new perspective.

Practise your design skills

There are many types of engineered wood flooring to choose from and these can be found at many expert stores online and offline, such as those available at By selecting the right type of flooring and laying it cleverly in your home it is easy to increase the feeling of space. You can even practise your skills by decorating a virtual room online to improve your eye for space and layout.

Walls and tiling

Although the immediate response is to choose light wood to increase space, dark wood can also appear roomy if it is paired with complementary furnishings and wallpapers. Select a cool paint shade for the walls and paint the ceiling white to draw the eye up.

Larger tiles on the floor can also make a room appear bigger than using smaller tiles. The standard size of tiles for floors is 12 inches but if you pick tiles of 16 inches or greater this will add space visually. You can choose from various stone and slate tiles for visual interest. If you take the same style or colour of flooring tiles into the next room you can create a feeling of continuity, which will also add to the sensation of space.