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State awards $5M in grants in Dauphin County, but skips project at former Bishop McDevitt school

Some large projects in the midstate just received a big boost.

Last week, eight large projects in Dauphin, Schuylkill and Lebanon counties were awarded more than $10 million combined.

The grants are part of a long of list of projects across the state that were awarded money for redevelopment through the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. The grant program is administered by the State of Pennsylvania’s Office of the Budget and is for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

Grant money has been awarded from the state through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program since 1986.

In Dauphin County, projects in Upper Paxton, Derry and Lower Swatara townships and Harrisburg were awarded grant money. Two projects in Schuylkill County and one project in Lebanon County were also awarded grants.

The projects include construction work at Penn State Harrisburg, Penn State College of Medicine in Derry Township and at the Whitaker Center.

But, not every project received money. A number of projects in the Harrisburg area didn’t receive any money at all, including the redevelopment of the former Bishop McDevitt High School building; renovations to the Scottish Rite Cathedral; renovations to the King Mansion on Front Street in Harrisburg; the Hershey Fire Station; the Hudson Building; a parking garage near the future Federal building and the Susquehanna Union Green development. The cities of Harrisburg and Lebanon as well as Swatara Township all were denied funding.

Below is a list of projects in Dauphin, Lebanon and Schuylkill counties that requested RACP grant money.

Dauphin County

Olde Uptown Harrisburg Neighborhood Revitalization Continuation


WCI Partners LP requested $5,000,000 and was awarded $2,500,000.

All RACP funds will be used towards the construction costs associated with renovating and improving 25 blighted residential properties. The total project includes acquisition costs as well as construction costs required to update these properties.

Mt Ridge Metals Aluminum Manufacturing Expansion

Upper Paxton Township

Mountain Ridge Metals LLC requested $4,000,000 and was awarded $1,000,000

Mountain Ridge Metals is expanding its location by site preparation in anticipation of building construction. . RACP funds will be also be used for the physical construction of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components.

New leadership model approved for Penn State Health

File photo.

Penn State College of Medicine Comparative Medicine Research Facility in Hershey

Derry Township

The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine requested $5,000,000 and was awarded $750,000.

The purpose of the project is to increase the versatility and longevity of research facilities at the College of Medicine. The college said that the project will enhance its ability to support groundbreaking research in all medical fields including cancer treatment. Initial estimates indicate that roughly 25,000 square feet of existing facility space can be renovated to support the College’s research facility needs. It is further estimated that 20,000 square feet of additional newly constructed space will be needed. The mix of buildings located at 500 University Drive and 700 HMC Crescent Road in Derry Township is the target for these activities. Both of these buildings house more than just the College of Medicine and are part of the larger campus housing Penn State Health and the medical center.

The city of Harrisburg

Whitaker Center, on Market Street, in the city of Harrisburg. Thursday, February 16, 2017. Dan Gleiter | [email protected] HARHAR

Whitaker Center STEAM and Facility Redevelopment


Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts requested $1,450,000 and was awarded $750,000

The Whitaker Center plans the following:

  • Full Roof Replacement of 49,000 square feet
  • HVAC system upgrades for air quality systems to help reach its performance, ventilation, and safety goals and objectives
  • Renovation of the gift shop and coffee shop to construct the new STEAM Education and Innovation Studio that will transform an underutilized, outdated area into an interactive STEAM education and entertainment zone.
Penn State Harrisburg Campus

The Lion Shrine in front of the library at the Penn State Harrisburg campus on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. Vicki Vellios Briner | Special to PennLive Vicki Vellios Briner | Special to PennLiveVicki Vellios Briner | Special t

PSU-HBG Bio-Behavioral Health Research and Education Clinic in Middletown

Lower Swatara Township

The Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg Campus Dauphin requested $1,500,000 and was awarded $580,968.

Penn State Harrisburg will create a Bio-Behavioral Research and Education Clinical Care Center. The Center will occupy a 6,000 square foot building on the Penn State Harrisburg campus known as the Wrisberg Hall Annex. The project will entail a complete renovation and refitting of the Wrisberg Annex.

Former Bishop McDevitt building

Former Bishop McDevitt building at 2200 Market Street in Harrisburg. (File photo)

Bridge – Harrisburg Eco-Village


Coworking at the Bridge LLC requested $2,000,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The project includes the renovation and construction of 21,692 square feet of co-working space at the former Bishop McDevitt building.

Harrisburg Scottish Rite Cathedral and Theatre Preservation RACP


Harrisburg Scottish Rite Cathedral and Theatre/Children’s Dyslexia Center of Central Pennsylvania requested $1,384,237 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The project includes renovating, repairing and restoring the building and auditorium. Renovations include replacement of all 17 roofs, replacement of 66 windows; installation of ADA accessible ramps and curb cuts; painting of the auditorium; modernization of elevator system; replacement of building access and security systems; replacement of auditorium lighting with led fixtures; replacement of auditorium seating; reconfiguration of parking lot; and installation of new street sign/marquee among other items.

Harrisburg’s MLK City Government Center


The city of Harrisburg requested $8,000,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The project will include:

  • ADA accessibility improvements to restrooms on the first and second floors of the building
  • Renovations to City Hall Chambers on the first floor that will provide ADA accessibility for citizens
  • Small business incubator space on the first floor
  • Implementing ADA improvements in the lounge areas on floors two, three and four.
  • Improvements to public facing departments on the second, third and fourth floors.

Hershey Fire Station III

Derry Township

The Hershey Volunteer Fire Company requested $2,764,033 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The Hershey Volunteer Fire Company, with the Derry Township Industrial Commercial Development Authority, rebuilt, expanded and enhanced the functional abilities of the fire station. The major components of the Hershey Fire Station Project included purchasing two properties and demolition to the west of the current fire station. The Hershey Volunteer Fire Company currently has debt remaining on the construction of the fire station.

Historic King Mansion Renovation


2201 NFS LLC requested $1,000,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The proposed RACP scope of work would be contained to the exterior and interior renovation of the existing, historic structure. Renovations would include partial roof replacement; HVAC system replacement; installation of a new fire protection system; replacement of flooring; and replacement of the building’s original windows and glass doors – 17 doors and 72 window openings in total.

Hudson Building Renovations


Mighty Group Holdings LLC requested $3,000,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

Mighty Group plans to rehabilitate the exterior of the property. In addition, the company will demolish and rebuild the interior as it plans to attract a variety of tenants including retail, food-related businesses, and office space. Activities include interior demolition, construction, and renovation.

Judicial Office Center at Midtown


KevGar Holdco LLC requested $3,700,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The project is located on a 1.5-acre site between Reily and Boyd Streets and Fulton and North Fifth Streets. It will feature a five-story, 75,000 square foot office/retail building as well as a new, separate five-story parking structure. KevGar is assembling 40 parcels from three private owners and the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority for the project, which will include the construction of 15,000 square feet of retail space, 60,000 square feet of office space, and a parking garage with 420 spaces. The company said that the proposed parking garage is of critical importance to address the parking shortage related to the future Federal Courthouse.

Presbyterian Apartments (Harrisburg) Improvement


Presbyterian Senior Living requested $2,500,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

Presbyterian Senior Living plans to rehabilitate and replace the electrical system, upgrade the fire protection system and replace the roof among other items.

Susquehanna Union Green

Susquehanna Township

Hawthorne SPE LLC requested $5,000,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The project entails the development of a 58-acre “infill” site into a mixed-used development. The site has never been developed and requires installation of utilities, including water, sewer, electric, and gas, creation of stormwater management facilities, installation of internal roadways and parking areas, improvements to surrounding roadways, development of public parks and green spaces, and development of commercial and retail businesses, single family homes, and senior apartments.

Swatara Township Municipal Complex Facility

Swatara Township

Swatara Township requested $2,500,000 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The proposed project will include the construction of two new facilities at the Eisenhower Boulevard site, one for the Public Safety Department (which includes the Police Department, Swatara Fire & Rescue Services, and Emergency Management Services) and one for the highway department. In addition, renovations will be completed to the existing municipal building.

Lebanon County

LVC Nursing & Interdisciplinary Health Education Facility

Annville Township

Lebanon Valley College requested 4,000,000 and was awarded $500,000.

The college intends to construct a new 30,000-square-foot facility to provide students with clinical experience. The school said that the skills and simulation laboratories will provide procedural training and provide high-tech manikins and equipment to enable students to learn and practice actions including blood pressure monitoring, catheterization and wound care.

City of Lebanon Parking Garage and City Hall


The city of Lebanon requested $8,421,801 but wasn’t awarded any money.

The city plans to move city hall downtown and construct a parking garage to assist with the revitalization of the downtown corridor. The city will utilize land that is currently used as a downtown municipal surface parking lot for the construction of a four level public parking garage. The garage will provide parking for approximately 320 vehicles. The city plans to purchase the building at 735 Cumberland Street from HACC and lease space back to the HACC, Lebanon Campus. The project includes construction of a new four level parking garage, renovation of an existing building and constructing an attached secured parking garage for the police department.

Schuylkill County

New Shyft Manufacturing Facility in Schuylkill

The Shyft Group USA Inc. requested $5,000,000 and was awarded $2,500,000

This project will include the purchasing and converting of an existing facility into a manufacturing plant that will build trucks for companies. The project includes the building of vehicle assembly platforms, the building of paint facilities, and the conversion of a current building into a modern manufacturing plant platform.

Downtown Shenandoah


Downtown Shenandoah Inc. requested $3,000,000 and was awarded $1,500,000.

The Shenandoah Innovation and Event Center, will support Schuylkill County’s economy by offering programming, training, and mentorship for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, and by providing maker and artist spaces, a business incubator, community event space, culinary makerspaces, and a conference room. The project entails construction of a new 37,131-square-foot facility located on vacant lots on the east side of the 100 block of North Main Street.

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