July 23, 2024


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Signs of Roaches Infestation in Arizona That Must Never Be Ignored

The possibility of a home being infested with roaches is an ever-present risk which can never be wished away. Scientific studies on these insects have shown that they are amazing creatures which have the ability to survive in lots of places as long as they can find food and have sufficient moisture. These primary factors which cockroaches require for survival are present in every home, and it is a never-ending struggle to keep these pests at bay. While cockroaches are very secretive and are masters at hiding they always leave enough signs to make known their existence which include;

  •    Unpleasant odor. Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal and will come out when they feel there is little activity or at night when you are asleep to feed. As they move about in numbers, they leave behind unpleasant odors which are easily noticeable when they are in large numbers. The odor is stronger when you open enclosed spaces such as cabinets, behind refrigerators, and under sinks which are the common areas they love.
  •    Egg cases. These pests have a life cycle that begins with the female ones hatching eggs that are in a hardened case for protection. The egg casings known as oothecae hold lots of eggs usually between 10 and 50 depending on the cockroach species. These dark brown to black cases can never be missed and are often deposited in areas where the female considers safe and away from any dangers.
  •    Cockroach droppings. If you suddenly discover some good quantity of what looks like coffee grounds at the least expected places, it is definitely not the children. These are more often than not cockroach droppings and the amount discovered can be an indication of the level of infestation.
  •    Live or dead cockroaches. It is rare to see cockroaches moving about and when you do it is a split second movement as they get from one place to the other. However, when they grow in numbers and cannot sufficiently find food and water, they will freely move about during the day. On the other hand, signs of random dead cockroaches when you have not sprayed the house signify a colony that is living to a full life and the older ones giving way to the new generation.

Roaches do not deserve space in your home, and since they can eat anything right from plastic and fabrics to leftovers, once they get comfortable in any place it is never easy to eliminate them. Responsible Pest Control comes to the rescue of all residents of Arizona who want to be free from these irritating insects that can hide in the tiniest of spots.

The primary reason why you require experts to handle the infestation is that it takes more than spraying a house to get rid of these insects. For some species which reproduce too rapidly, it necessitates the use of insect growth regulators among other complementary techniques to restore the sanity in a home. Avoiding any of the common signs of these pests is waiting for a disaster to happen and when it does it could be too late to reverse the damages caused.