July 25, 2024


Elegant home interior

Sell Your Own House – A Proactive Sales Plan

So, you’ve decided to get rid of your realtor and sell your own house to avoid those high commission fees. The current property market is not exactly heaven on Earth at the moment, but there are still plenty of ways to get a good price for your house fast. This article gives you a basic sales plan.

Step 1 – Price Your Property

OK, so you’re not going to make a big profit given the current economic turmoil that’s gripped the world. Instead, focus on paying off the rest of your mortgage and keeping enough cash to move on to the next step. To be honest, the best thing you can do in times like this is to get a third-party home valuer in to give you a price range. Ask for something at or just below market value, so that your buyers can run the price up later.

Step 2 – Advertise With Focus

The biggest buyers of property at the moment are investors. You simply can’t rely on families or singles to make purchases these days. They might come in for a look, but don’t expect any big offers. Try to focus your advertising on the big shot investors, and write about how much profit they can make on your house in 5 or so years. Headlines like “buy cheap now, sell big later” are great to use, as they focus on the buyers wallet.

Step 3 – Present Your Home In Style

Forget home staging and fancy decorations. You’re much better to go for the “open and fresh” look. Move out as much furniture as possible, but not enough to make the place feel empty. By opening up the free space in your house people will be able to envision their furniture inside. It will also make the place seem much spacier, which is what people are after these days.