July 23, 2024


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Rodents That Could Be Occupying Your Home

There are roughly 1,500 different species of mice, rats, and squirrels, and it is highly likely for some to be found in your attic. Rodents can be a huge nuisance to homeowners. They can damage your attic or basement, and they can cause health issues, as many of these rodents tend to carry diseases.

Homeowners try to find a quick or easy solution to rodents that occupy their home, but homeowners tend to overlook one crucial piece to the puzzle. There is always more than just one mouse, rat, or squirrel– the theory of one does not exist. All it takes is just one female mouse or rat to quickly multiply, creating a population explosion.

Getting rid of mice, rats or squirrels in your basement, attic or home depends on which rodent is giving you the problem. However, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to rid and protect your home of rodents.

How They Enter

As mice enter your home, they also bring along their scent that can attract other mice and rats. This then encourages them to enter your home-increasing their population. Mice can enter your home through an opening or crack as small as a dime, and rats can enter your home through an opening or crack as small as a quarter.

Are Rodents Destructive?

Rodents are very destructive. Mice and rats tend to gnaw through drywall and wiring, and bring foul-smelling odors and even health hazards when they die. There are very few things worse than dead mice or rats behind the drywall or walls in your home.


Mice are known as carriers. They tend to host harmful viruses and bacteria, such as salmonella and Hantavirus. In addition, they carry mites, ticks, tapeworms, ringworms, and parasites. The problem will only persist if they breed in your home.

Rats are known to be more intelligent, sophisticated and quite larger than mice. Their jaws and teeth are extremely strong, making it very easy to chew through nearly anything. Above all, these creatures are survivors, and as such, they are well equipped to do what it takes to keep on living in your home.

Rats tend to work in clans, are led by the dominant male, and are known within their clans by the scent of their breath.

Are There Steps I Can Take to Protect My Home?

In one word, yes! Most people tend to store Christmas or Easter candy in their attic or basement, but it is best to remove all dry goods, candy or food from your attic and basement. Most rodents that occupy your home are looking for food-they’re scavengers! Instead of giving them reason to occupy your home, remove all items from the basement or attic that they may be interested in eating or making into their new bed.

Set Mouse Traps

It is a good idea to place mouse traps around your basement and attic. There are various rodent traps on the market today; live traps and kill traps. Live traps will trap, but not kill the rodents. Kill traps, such as poisons are designed to kill the rodents.

Seal All Openings or Cracks

It is your best option to seal off all openings or cracks. This can easily be achieved through using a simple, inexpensive tube of caulking. You can also use mesh to cover all vents and ducts.

Contact The Experts

Many homeowners attempt to remove pests, rodents, termites, and insects from their home, but sometimes it’s best to just contact a professional.