June 18, 2024


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Pressure Washing Service: Starting the Business from Scratch

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You have finally decided to turn your passion for pressure washing into a profitable business. It is an excellent decision. You can make serious money if you start a pressure or power washing venture on your own. That is the good news, the bad news is (or slightly bad news), it may take a lot of money, time, energy, effort to prepare and plan everything. 

Listed below are some steps people need to know when they are starting in this industry. After mastering these steps, startup venture owners will be on their way to working with their clients, hiring workers, and executing the plans to grow the business.

Strategize the business

Pressure and power washing seem very straightforward, but if owners have done their research into this industry and the direction it is going in, they will see that there are some things they need to plan and iron out before starting their operation. If the owner is a power-washing newbie, they need to learn about the service before offering it to their potential clients. They could damage other people’s property if they misuse their tools and equipment. 

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Know the service offerings of the business

The first thing owners need to do is decide what their core service offerings are and who they will be servicing (whether industrial, commercial, or residential). Always focus on the goal; do not take on too much at first. Some projects might be more intense and a lot bigger compared to what their company and their tools or equipment can handle. Limiting the business’ service offerings can’t help master them. Doing this will help entrepreneurs narrow down their devices from the start and minimize the upfront cost.

Know the scope of the business

The next thing to do is to iron out the scope of the service offering. Some enterprises focus on certain jobs like restoration, general maintenance, paint removal, windows, gutters and roofs, concrete, or interlock. Some shops also offer home cleaning services like window washing. Owners do not have to do all the mentioned services; they just have to do what they think their enterprise is good at, focus on it, and make sure to master the services they offered. 

Once the owner becomes a pro, they will be able to take more and more prominent clients and contracts. For instance, some businesses take at least ten years to grow their companies into a full-fledged pressure washing business. 

Get the necessary equipment and tools

Equipment and tools needed to operate a washing business differ based on the scope and the services offered. For instance, if you are just focusing on power washing for residential customers, then you will need pressure washers with a force of at least 3,500 pounds per square inch, nozzles that can reach at least first or second-story buildings, and downstream valves. 

If you are going to cater to commercial clients, the venture needs stronger tools or equipment with more features and its own water reservoir. The right tools will help the venture get specific jobs done, so make sure to think critically and logically about jobs the company needs to get done in the offered services. This equipment allows ships to work a lot faster and can help make more money. 

If the shop is just starting with small power washing rigs and some other equipment, the shop will need a van or truck to get around job sites. Once the business starts growing and purchasing commercial tools and equipment like heavy-duty washers or storage tanks, the shop will need an excellent and heavy-duty truck with a trailer to haul all the equipment. 

Create a brand

Creating a company brand does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Beginners need to focus on the following necessities.

To find out more about the basics of branding, check out https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/77408 for more details.

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Company logo and name

Companies need a business logo and name, if they are ready to start accepting jobs. They will also need it to register the venture. Put the enterprise name, address, and phone numbers on the company vehicle or van using decals, quotes, uniforms, invoices, emails, as well as advertising and marketing materials. 

Contact information

People cannot run a shop without email addresses, working websites, and phone numbers (both mobile phones and landlines). Even if the ship is running a small operation, it is good to have a separate business email address and phone number. It is pretty helpful once the business starts to grow. 

It is easier to track all the clients if the email and phone number are separate from the owner’s personal contact information. Consider using the company name to brand the email address. Owners can get branded emails for more or less $50 a year. If they are strapped for cash, they can create a professional-looking email address for free using Gmail accounts. 

Do not be afraid to use the company name in the email address. Experts recommend that owners need to avoid using email servers that look very unprofessional, like Yahoo or Hotmail. Once the contact information is set, make them public on the company website and in the Google MyBusiness account. Your Google MyBusiness account and website are excellent for growing the company’s power washing venture through work request forms and organic search traffic.

Plan ahead

Make sure to start thinking about the long-term plans of the pressure washing enterprise like how to start growing it in six and twelve months, as well as two years from the start of the operation. It might seem like the owner is jumping the gun, but they are not. If entrepreneurs desire to grow the venture in any capacity, they need to start thinking about the next step ahead.

Plan the venture model

If you want to offer more services, like sandblasting and window washing, then you will need some workers to use the tools and equipment and complete the job quickly to move on to the next client.