July 19, 2024


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Pepper Dust Patented Solution For the Control of Insect Pests

If when you are dining out for that special occasion and you spot a cockroach sculling across the floor, you would straight away get up and leave the establishment. However, if a fly landed on your plate during your meal you would probably swipe it away. But flies are just as harmful as cockroaches!

Did you know that flies carry many harmful diseases, such as salmonella and listeria as well as many other diseases known to affect humans and animals?

Flies land on our food and as they have no teeth they inject it with their secretions, which then softens the food into a liquid form, this is then sucked up as food for the fly. At the same time as this event takes place, a very large number of harmful germs are deposited together with their excrement. If food left unattended for any length of time, a nice cluster of the next generation is left behind nicely, for you to enjoy. You will probably spend the rest of the night running to the toilet, and a couple days off work, or in severe cases, in hospital.

Most restaurants nowadays use a high voltage type of zapper to control flies. They are normally placed above work areas in the kitchens or above your head where you are sitting in the restaurant. The problem here is that flies explode when being zapped and contaminate the area below. So look out where you and your guests are seated.

There is now an effective method in the market that is patented which uses non-toxic materials for the control of insect pests.

What is it?

Pepper Dust not harmful to man or beast.

How does it work?

When placed inside a trap the insect pests lose the ability to cling to a smooth surface, fall into a catchment area within the trap, and soon expire due to dehydration. Pepper dust is insoluble in water,so traps can be used inside and outside. There are no obnoxious smells, only the smell of pepper if used in a window trap.

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