Value of the real estate market

Real Estate market is affected by the taxation rates, growth in the market, employment and unemployment rates, population and the mortgage rate. These factors integrate to produce the market for Winter Haven FL Real Estate. The figures are variable each year.


There are certain factors that you must consider and keep in mind before finalizing your house in the state. Unlike any other investment, purchasing a house is probably one of the biggest investments of a person life. To relocate due to any reason, you must know what you want in the area as well as the stability of the economy of the area.

The Home of Lego land

Home to sunny beaches and the most visited place in Florida, The LEGOLAND, and the city of Winter Haven has a lot to offer people. Economically the city is stated as the “Super Region of Florida” as Winter Haven generates handsome revenue of $300 billion a year.

From Legoland to the garden ballroom, there are so many versatile locations for tourists making the place a sight to be at. The economy as stated is booming which means that there is a lot of scope for people who are thinking of settling in Winter Haven.

The employment rate and job opportunities are growing so people seeking a career of a stable life for their family members should definitely consider Winter Haven to settle down in. The figures have improved to a big sum of 44.5% more than the US national employment rates. The sales taxes are also a bit lower.

Moving to Winter Haven

Are you considering moving to winter haven?

Because of moving you must require a lot of research on the market trends, schools, neighborhood, demographics and the lifestyle of people.

Let’s start the survey with the trends in housing:

Real Estate trends

The pricing of houses in winter Haven has increased a figure of 6%. The increase depicts the rise in the demand for houses and rentals in the area.

Crime Rate

People consider the crime rate as one of the most crucial and important figures before they consider moving to a place. Well, why not?

The crime rate is 5 victims’ per 1000 people. Crimes depicted normally are robberies, aggravated assault or some figures of rape.


Schools are one of the most important factors to consider if you are planning to move to winter haven in the coming years or even months. Luckily enough Winter Haven offers public and private schools for your children. With literacy rate of 86% that rose from 59% is enough to show that people are keen on education.

With a total of 54 schools in the city, you can easily establish the educational career fo your children.


If I say that Winter Haven is more likely to be a family place for the people who want to settle in the city. With 70% of houses owned by their rightful owners, the place definitely depicts the family-orientation. However, 30% of people who are single residents also make their way of building a professional career and personal lifestyle for themselves.


The means of travelling within the city matter a lot for you as you are looking forward to settling in. According to statistics, many people well actually almost all people use personal cars to travel within the city premises. The other 1% of people also travel but with the help of public transport. Buses, transits and paratransit are available for the people who do not have the facility to travel in their car.


While these factors are important, it is also important that you consider how much you can afford to spend on your house.

The Current market is hot which means that the rates are prominently higher than the median rates previous year. According to the statistics, the median home value of a house in winter haven is somewhat around 166,000$ and this amount is expected to rise to a considerable sum of 1.8%.

Other Pros of moving to Florida

There are certain things apart from pricing that Florida will offer better than the other states. Moving to the state has its own benefits:

  • No state income tax is a major benefit.
  • The costs of purchasing houses are much better than in other places in the USA. Consider moving to NYC and you are done wasting your life worth of income.
  • So many tourist attraction and beaches
  • No winter and snow issues – they call it the sunshine city for a reason.
  • Great and stable economy producing a fortune of return.
  • Communities and facilities for the comfort of any type of resident
  • These factors prevail in Winter Haven FL and are continuing to help the economy of the United States boom and boost.

Purchase or Rent?

To make this decision you need to consider the factors that have completed you to change place. If you are looking forward to moving for a long period, then purchasing is the way to go. But, for a shorter span of stay, you can rent out a house suitable for yourself or whoever is accompanying you. Either way, you need the services of Winter Haven FL real estate providers in the market.


Winter Haven is considered as the super region of enthralling Florida. Before you decide to move to the city that has to offer it’s resident’s employment facilities as well as facilities associated with the taxation and lifestyle of people living in the city, you must consider several different factors like the education rate, employment rate, crime rate and much more.

The answer to the question regarding whether you want to move to the city permanently or if it is just a temporary move due to certain circumstances is in your hands.

With a stable economy, tourist locations, attractions and a growing educational rate, winter haven is a top commodity for people who are willing to relocate somewhere in the city of sunshine.

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