June 23, 2024


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Overview of Solar Power in Residential and Commercial Properties

The Economics of Solar Power

Solar energy has been used by residents as well as commercial owners because of the solar power benefits it can give them. As a resident or businessman, it will be wise to have an overview of solar power in residential and commercial properties before getting them for your home or business. Solar energy has been the top alternative of renewable energy that is commonly used to replace electricity from the grid. 

Cost of Solar Panels 

There are several factors that affect the cost of solar panels installation. Checking on them can make your purchase smooth. Here is a list:

The Amount of Energy Needed

Whether for residential commercial use, the amount of energy needed should be measured. This can determine how many panels are needed and what system is ideal for your home or business setup. There are tools you can use to measure your energy consumption and it will be best to ask assistance from the solar provider since they are more knowledgeable and have access to the right tool equipment to use. 

Quality and Brand of Solar Panels

There are several types and brands of solar panels that are durable. Ask for recommendations from your solar providers. Branded and high-quality materials for your solar panel system are more pricey but they are a better investment than cheap ones. Choosing to add more on the expense and getting the best and branded solar panels can make your system function well and last longer. 

Type of Roof 

Solar panels are mostly mounted on the roof, so solar providers have to make sure that your roof is suitable for solar panel installation. Inspection is done and your roof angle, durability, and other factors are evaluated before they will be putting the panels. Just in case there are additional structures to be placed on your roof to support your solar panel well, then this will be added to the overall cost. For commercial buildings, solar panels can be mounted on the ground depending on the commercial structure. Always accept your solar provider’s recommendation when it comes to the positioning and mounting of your solar panel. 

Benefits you Can Get From Investing in Solar Panels

Your Electricity Bills Will be Reduced 

Electricity usage is needed in residential and commercial structures to make things run well and get the convenience people need. For businesses, the expense of electricity is hard to control even if the bill keeps on soaring high since they need it for their operation. So business owners had started investing in solar panels to help them lower their expenses and instead gain more profit. Reducing your bills to up to 70% or even more is a big help in lessening the operating expense if you are running a business. Many companies have seen the benefits of solar panels and that’s why they are now offering solar energy plans like the ones from TXU energy plans, they’re more affordable and help you reduce your electricity bills.

Get Company Rebates

As part of their campaign in encouraging more residents and business owners to shift to solar energy as their source of power. Solar providers are usually giving rebates to their clients up to $1,000 depending on the overall cost of the solar panel system they purchased. 

Federal Tax Credit

Government offers a federal tax credit to residents who avail of solar panels. This is to support the campaign on making the environment recover from pollution. Federal tax credits are at 26% on the overall cost of your solar panel. Although those who purchase can not get it in cash. It will be deducted from their tax liabilities at the end of the year and if there is still an amount remaining then it will be credited in the next year until all of the federal tax credit is used up. 

Having an overview of solar power in residential and commercial properties before purchasing your solar panel system can give you an idea of what is proper for your home or commercial structures. Shifting to solar energy can be a big decision to make since you have to bring out a big upfront cost. However, this can be paid off with all the benefits that you can get from getting that solar panel installation. There might be some adjustments but you will get used to it in no time and worry less about getting a skyrocketing bill at the end of the month.