June 24, 2024


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Muskegon County gentleman finds 158 bowling balls below again step

David Olson, 33, poses with some of the bowling balls he unearthed while demolishing the back step of his home.

On a standard working day, most men and women will not anticipate to find a bowling ball sitting on their again action, but 1 guy in Norton Shores found extra than 158 beneath his.

David Olson, 33, was demolishing the again ways of his home on the early morning of July 1, when he saw a black sphere buried in the sand behind some cinder blocks.

“That was one particular of the bowling balls. I did not believe a total ton of it. I was form of assuming it’s possible there have been just a pair in there just to fill in. The deeper I got into it the far more I understood it was just basically an complete gridwork of them earning up the bodyweight in there,” Olson explained.

“I was really a little happy about that simply because it really is a little easier to roll bowling balls out of the way than to shift the sand and figure out where by to place all that,” he said.

While demolishing the back step of his home in Norton Shores, David Olson uncovered 158 bowling balls.

Though Olson’s preliminary rely on Fb totaled 50 balls, he uncovered far more and more. By 2 p.m. Olson counted about 120 balls. The remaining count totaled 158, while Olson mentioned he could really feel a lot more balls in the floor. In latest days, Olson discovered two far more, bringing the rely up to 160.

“There’s surely more … but at this place in the region I require to get the job done, I’ve dug down about 2 toes reduce than when I found my last ball and I think it truly is very substantially cleared out in that portion,” he stated.

While Olson's initial count totaled 50 bowling balls, further progress on his renovations uncovered more and more balls.

When he first discovered the balls, Olson explained his thoughts went to his three curious young small children. He contacted Brunswick Bowling Items, the maker of the balls and asked regardless of whether they could be toxic. Soon after about a working day, Olson gained a reaction. Olson sent in images, and immediately after managing the serial figures on the balls, the company established they were being produced in the 1950s and verified that they were safe and could be disposed of.

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While this cache might be a bowler’s desire, the balls won’t be generating their way to the lanes anytime soon. Olson mentioned quite a few of the balls were being in tough situation, and just about every of the balls had two spiral grooves slice into them. 

Olson's final count of the buried bowling balls totaled 158, though he said there are definitely more still buried.

As for the ball’s origins, Olson explained there applied to be a Brunswick bowling ball plant in Muskegon. He reported some ex-Brunswick employees contacted him through his Facebook write-up, and said workers employed to just take scrapped bowling balls to use as a less costly option to gravel or sand.

Olson said he plans to use the balls as edging for his landscaping, or to make sculptures. He also donated eight balls for a nearby church to use in a bowling ball cannon at a pig roast. He will also be giving some to his stepfather, who programs to use them as personalized home furnishings legs.