July 18, 2024


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Let Your Flowering Peach Tree Bloom With These Planting Tips

The flowering peach tree is a very familiar tree for most people. This tree is recognized for its vase shape that can grow up to 25 feet in height and bears lots of fruits. People also love the pink flowers that bloom from the peach tree.

The peach tree is part of the Rosaceae family and genus Prunus. It goes with the almond tree in the subgenus of Amygdalus. They are distinguished by their seed shells that are corrugated.

The leaves of the peach tree are categorized as lanceolate that grows from seven to fifteen centimeters long. The peach fruit has a very delicate scent and almost velvet-like skin.

The flowers of the peach tree bloom every early spring even earlier than the leaves get to grow.

The petals can either be solitary or paired depending on the variety. They generally consist of five petals that can come in different colors of pink, white or red.

The peach tree took its scientific name Persica from the belief in early Europe that this originated from Iran which was known back then as Persia.

Today, it is established that the tree is actually a native of China which was only introduced later on to Persia.

There are several varieties of the peach tree that have been already propagated. This gives lovers of the peach tree flowers a good selection to choose from.

Here are some of the more popularly known types.

Double White – This kind is depicted sufficiently by the name. It has a profuse shape and paired white petals.

Helen Borchers – The flowers of Helen Borchers have extra large petals in pink. They are in solitary petals.

Peppermint Stick – The peppermint stick variety is distinguishable with its paired white petals and pink stripes.

Late Double Red – This variety consists of red petals in pairs. They remain a perfect sight even when winter time comes as they are able to avoid well the frost.

Weeping Double – The weeping double varieties have pendulous branches. They can come in colors of pink and red.

Royal Redleaf – The Royal Redleaf consists of good foliage in bright-red at the early part of their blooming. They later turn into bronze-green which remains a delightful view.

Tips for Growing the Flowering Peach Tree

1. Correct Climate

Flowering peach trees are also very choosy in the climates that they thrive in.

Most of the varieties require a chilling requirement, making it rather difficult for them to grow in the extremely cold areas. They cannot tolerate the cold in later winter.

Generally, the peach trees varieties may be able to tolerate temperatures of negative 26 to negative 30 degrees Celsius, but such a condition tends to kill the buds of the flowers thus growing fruits is impossible.

The flowering peach trees actually seek a lot of the heat of the summer time to be able to let its fruits mature. Temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius would be most favourable.

2. Proper Soil Characteristic

Peach trees require the right soil characteristic in order to grow fully and bear colourful flowers. Avoid as much as possible too much moisture in the soil. They do not like heavy quality of soil too.

Just make sure the soil has the right amount of fertilizer and aeration. With the right kind of soil, the peach tree will surely grow fast and healthy.

3. Fight the Pests

It is very important to protect the peach tree against pests that may invade their environment. This could impede the growth of the tree and the blooming of the flowers.

The main enemy to be cautious of is the peach tree borer. There are also some insects and fungus that can threaten the tree. This may require occasional or regular application of pesticides or spraying.


Bring nature closer to your home. Plant a flowering peach tree and enjoy the delights of its view, flowers and fruits