July 13, 2024


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Kenya Real Estate – To Buy Or To Build A House?

Kenya Real Estate – To Buy Or To Build A House?

Kenya real estate opportunities are enormous.

Buying a Home: Some people choose this option as they consider it to be hassle free. This means that you will not stress out on identifying a plot of land or finding professional builders, architects or surveyors. All you have to do is to identify the area that you wish to live in, find a house and buy it.

The advantage of buying a home is that you can afford to live in a nice neighbourhood for less. Better still, some of these homes may be in an apartment complex that has facilities such as a heated pool, sauna as well as good security.

The flip side of buying a home is that you have no guarantee as to its actual quality. Some houses have been known to collapse suddenly due to faulty foundations.

Building a Home: This option offers you flexibility. You can chose where you want to live plus how the house will look both inside and outside.

Ideally you would need to first identify a suitable piece of land and purchase it.

Great care and caution need to be exercised at this stage to avoid scams. Always participate in finding out whether the land title and the seller are genuine.

After you have the land, you need to identify a good architect and plan the kind of house you want. This is where the beauty of building your home comes in. You get to choose the number of rooms in the house, their exact location, size of the garden and much more.

Usually building a home tends to cost much less. This is because you can source for the building materials and services yourself.

The flip side building your own home is the location. Land in prime areas tends to be so expensive yet security is usually better.

The decision as to whether to buy or to build a house is one that needs to be considered carefully. Whichever option you choose it is always best to ensure that you get involved in the process as much as you can and do not be afraid to ask many questions before you commit your money.