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Jones Library project is extravagant

Printed: 12/28/2020 8:53:33 PM

Library task is extravagant

Amherst taxpayers have fantastic motive to be anxious about the proposal to demolish parts of the Jones Library that had been renovated only 20 yrs in the past and to then expand the library footprint to 68,000 square feet. The library is plainly in want of renovation but not at the price of big expansion.

At existing, there is sizeable squandered, nonfunctional room on the higher flooring of the library, which include pointless techniques between small, badly organized rooms. A reorganization and inner renovation within the existing footprint could fix a lot of of the library’s worries. It could generate whole accessibility and tremendously improve the handy, useful space.

The expansion undertaking is approximated to value $35.8 million, additionally $650,000 for supplemental expenses for demolition of the 1993 renovation. Only $13.8 million of that value would be lined by a state grant. It is shocking for the Jones Library Trustees to talk to taxpayers for around $22 million to demolish and increase the library in view of the point that the Town desperately desires new colleges, one more fireplace station and a risk-free general public works creating. Those people assignments have been on the joint money making list for several several years and are very long overdue.

New universities are desired to supply for the wellbeing and security of our kids, lecturers and auxiliary workers who now put up with in structures that are moldy, absence pure lights and lack appropriate separation of classrooms.

Replacing the central fire station, designed in 1929, with a modern-day facility which is extra accessible to South Amherst, and changing the 100-yr-previous public performs building, would provide greater safety for the total community.

The well being of our children and the security of all Amherst inhabitants should be priorities more than an extravagantly expanded library.

Rosemary Kofler