September 30, 2022


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How to Clean a Painted Deck with a Power Washer

If you are one of all those who like to just take treatment of factors by your self, you could want to know how to clear a painted deck with a ability washer. Just like most home advancement initiatives, it is critical to master the appropriate techniques for electric power washing your atlanta property. Usually, your deck could close up wanting worse than when you began. Fairly than skipping ahead and assuming you know every little thing already, these steps will demonstrate you how to avoid errors that could problems a painted surface area.

cleaning deck with power washer

What NOT To Do When Electrical power washing a Painted Deck!

Cleaning a painted deck can be a real soreness. You have to be careful not to injury the paint and the deck’s area, which is not usually quick. The appropriate procedure will make all the variance. If you observe these methods, you are going to get a excellent end result!

  • Really do not use a ability washer with much too a great deal strain. This will result in destruction to your deck and may also ruin your paint job.
  • Really don’t use abrasive cleaners or chemical substances on your deck except if especially made. This will also induce scratches and other injury that can spoil your deck’s finish.
  • Do not use any force washer extras that aren’t specially developed for cleaning decks (such as nozzles).
  • You may be tempted to get this carried out as quickly as possible, but hurrying will only bring about more complications. Just take your time and adhere to the actions underneath meticulously.

How To Electrical power wash a Painted Deck and Not Hurt the Paint

If you use a electricity washer to thoroughly clean your deck, you may well be concerned about detrimental the paint. But with the appropriate equipment and cleaning method, you can properly ability wash a painted deck with no harmful the paint.

What You Require

You will have to have a tension washer, a yard hose, a deck brush, and delicate dish soap. We suggest applying our Force Washer Cleansing Package.

Stage 1: Thoroughly clean Your Deck With Soap and H2o 1st

Right before strain washing your deck, cleanse it with soap and h2o to take away any grime or stains from the surface area. Use a backyard hose with mild dish soap to spray down all surfaces of your deck. Be certain to rinse off all cleaning soap residue right before transferring on to stage two.

Step 2: Safeguard Vegetation and Fences With Tarps

If your deck is linked to yet another construction (these types of as a fence or house), safeguard those people areas with tarps ahead of commencing mainly because they’re a lot more most likely to get hit by stray drinking water droplets when you are stress washing your deck. Location tarps more than plants and fences so they never get wet during cleansing time if necessary, tape them in place with masking tape, so they don’t blow absent throughout winds or storms.

Move 3: Small Pressure

The very best way to electrical power wash a painted deck is to use a smooth nozzle and low stress to prevent your deck from currently being damaged.

Stage 4: Broader Spray

Not only will you use reduced stress, but the spray really should be broader and less direct and harsh.

Move 5: Yard Hose

If you have a large deck, it’s greatest to power wash it with a backyard garden hose and nozzle.

Phase 6: Proper Suggestion

Use a comfortable spray idea on your hose or a drinking water-stress washer with a comfortable spray tip, these kinds of as one designed to clear cars.

Step 7: Top Down

Begin at the top of the deck and function your way down so that the stress is not coming straight on the paint.

Stage 8: Little Sections

Function in smaller sections, then move on to bigger sections as you obtain self-confidence in how a great deal stress you can use with out harmful the paint finish.

The Better Choice

The most effective way to use a electric power washer on a painted deck is to have a professional do the do the job. They have experience functioning without having stripping the paint, and they know how to clean up and safeguard your deck’s end effectively.

Whilst you can do the function oneself, using the services of a professional is much significantly less inconvenience. They can established up, thoroughly clean up, and split down significantly more quickly than Do-it-yourself, moreover you will not chance power washing off paint. If you do the do the job and “mess up,” you may want to get on a a great deal larger challenge of power washing off ALL the paint.