May 19, 2024


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How to choose a good air purifier for health

Health is one of the most valuable things in every human being. During this pandemic, we are doing various efforts to avoid various diseases including Covid-19 infection. One of them is using an air purifier to clean indoor air from various kinds of bacteria and viruses.

This electronic product can clean the air very well. The air purifier itself has a function as a filter for harmful substances such as pollutants, allergens, and irritants. In addition, this tool can also improve indoor air quality.

Although it has various benefits, there are several things we need to know before using this air purifier in the room.

The air purifier removes all particles in the indoor air

Additional features provided by current air purifier products are filters, electrostatics, and UV light to remove particulate matter from the room. Particles that can be removed by this tool such as dust, dander, allergens, airborne mold, and even indoor air pollution. The pollution in question is smoke and even chemicals in the air that enters the room.

Even so, this tool according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), does not guarantee to be able to neutralize all types of air particles. However, if our homes are located close to roads, factories, coffee shops, or places close to pollutants, it is highly recommended to use this tool to maintain the air quality of our homes.

How the Air Purifier works

Three types of filters are currently very commonly used in the market for air cleaning products. First is the Filtered air purifier type, this is to capture pollutants in the air and then captured them into the filter cartridge. And then Electrostatic air purifier: usually used to attract and separate particles using the charge in the air purifier filter. Lastly, the UV light-emitting air purifier, this device model uses UV light to neutralize pollutants such as viruses and bacteria in the room.

Air purifier performance research

A case study investigates the benefits of an air purifier in the journal Science of The Total Environment in 2021. There is limited evidence about the efficacy of this type of air purifier. It is said that portable air purifiers can improve indoor air quality by 22.6 percent to 92 percent.

Another study showed that this tool can increase low blood pressure, breathing, to affect pregnancy. However, this does not imply consistency and requires further research.

Opinions of health experts

According to the United States health expert, the EPA, the air purifier must have a high delivery rate of clean air to be able to filter large and broad air. In addition, health experts

another from the United States from the University of Massachusetts Amherst said that this electric-based air purifier can produce ozone gas which is very good for health.

This is due to the features of the ionizer and hydroxyl generator which release the ozone gas. In the long term and massive, these substances are potentially harmful to the room or the environment.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Working Group said that users of this tool must ensure that there is a high-efficiency particulate air absorber (HEPA) feature in the air purifier. It aims to prevent the emission of ozone.

Be wise in choosing air purifier products

There are at least several factors that need to be considered when you decide to buy an air purifier from an air purifier manufacturer. First, pay attention to the type of air purifier that you will buy. Make sure each type and advantage match the specifications and budget you need.

Then check the CADR or broad coverage that this tool can cover. Make sure it matches the size of the room. The prices of products on the market are quite varied so make sure you get what you need.

Tips for Choosing an Air Purifier, there is UV-C Technology in the Virus killer Air Purifier What are the advantages over others?

1. Features

As a guide to choosing, features are things to consider.

Also, recognize and understand each of the functions of each feature it has and adjust it to your needs. Many air purifier products on the market have special features (beyond the standard features) for specific roles as well.

This is important for you to pay attention to so that you can get the air purifier that you need for your current condition.

Many additional features are offered, just choose the one that best suits your needs.

Make sure the features you have are appropriate to be placed in the area you want. If an area has a character that is very at risk of bad air, then you must also increase the specs of an air purifier that can overcome that risk.

For example, if you want to place an air purifier in an area where there is a high risk of the current coronavirus, then you have to make sure that the purifier of your choice can effectively carry out the task of minimizing this virus.

2. Filter or Filter

It is also called an air purifier or air purifier, whose purification process is carried out by filtering using a filter, so this filter element called a filter is very important in air purifier products. To clean and filter the air, an air purifier unit must have a good filtration system.

The optimal filtering system should not only consist of one but have several stages, starting from the pre filter which is useful for capturing large particles such as dust and mites.

After that, the air must pass through a filter that uses activated carbon which is useful for neutralizing gases, smoke, odors, and harmful chemical compounds.