May 19, 2024


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Five more ways to maximise the use of your bay window

A bay window is a beautiful feature of many homes, incorporated into many period and contemporary buildings. The additional space in a room can be a huge asset, though if it is not well thought out, it can end up being wasted.

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1. Storage space

There must be few homes where the residents are happy with the amount of storage available! There is always scope for more, and incorporating bookcases or built-in drawers into the bay alcove can add some valuable extra storage space. Adding a seat above adds even more flexibility.

2. Space for essentials

There are some things in a room that are essential, like a sink in the kitchen. You have to have one. It needn’t take up much space as adding it into a bay window frees up a great deal of floor space in the main square footage of the room.

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3. Relax on a chaise

Few things say ‘luxury’ like a chaise longues, and putting one into a bay space creates a great focal point for the room that is perfect for relaxing. Consider the other furniture and its position so you can determine whether or not you want to be part of the conversation or left well alone.

4. Reclaim the walls

Of course, not everyone will want their bay window to be the main focal point. Moving radiators out of the ‘main’ space of the room and into the alcove allows you to use the wall space for furniture without worrying about things being directly in front of the heat source.

5. Read all about it

Bay windows are perfect for turning into reading spaces, either with fitted seating, or an armchair; it’s private, and with natural light flooding in, it means less strain on your eyes. Make sure there is space allocated for a small table to hold your cuppa and you’re all set.

Have a look at the ideas from Shelterness for some more inspiration for how to dress your bay windows. If your window needs an upgrade before you start, talk to a specialist window company like Firm Fix

With so many options for maximising the space offered by a bay window, the biggest challenge might be making the decision as to what suits your needs best.