February 25, 2024


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Everything to Know about Relocating and Movers

Everyone should know a good moving company because you will never know when you will need to relocate. Maybe you get a better job offer or you just found a better area that you can afford. A good company will mean a lot because there are many of them that will waste your time and money. A big part of it is the job you need to do like packing and planning. Your friends will probably prefer a firm that they worked with but that doesn’t always mean they are great for your needs.

There are a lot of small issues you need to figure out before you call the company. You will probably find stuff that you would like to throw away or sell. You also need to get the supplies needed for moving and to figure out when is the best time to do it. These small things will make it easier for you not only to move but also to settle easier.

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What to Sell Before Moving?

Cutting down the number of items you need to move will also cut down the bill. You can probably earn a lot of the old things you don’t need and you may find something interesting that is worth a lot. The most precious items should go always with you. You might think about getting new furniture if you have the budget because it is good to refresh it from time to time.

Everything depends on your budget and the situation you are in. The most cost-effective thing to sell is old appliances. They are usually heavy and hard to move so it will be very beneficial to sell them and get new. Older models will need to be installed in your new home so it’s better to get a new one and pay for the installation. Most people are selling old furniture. It’s cheaper to sell it and get new then move it. If it is old and has no sentimental value then you won’t need it. Click here to read more.

We change clothes constantly and you probably have a lot of it stored without even using it. You can earn a small amount selling it some people decide to donate them. Small things from toys, gadgets and electronics are changed always, so you probably won’t need most of them. A good thing is that you have websites you can sell these items. So, plan that in advance so you can see what will sell and what you can throw away.

Tips for the Moving Day

There are many tips you can find online and most of them are great but what comes on a moving day is different from the preparation you need to start a month before relocating. The main thing you need to have by your side is a checklist with everything that needs to be done that day. It can be very annoying when you want to finish multiple tasks at once so having a checklist will make it easier to handle mentally the mess that is going on.

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Starting early will help a lot because a moving company won’t wait for you if you have some kind of a problem that isn’t related to them. Make sure that everything is set for them to do their job. If you have a bigger budget you can pay them to pack the stuff and move it but it usually costs a lot. So if you do your own packing make sure you write on every box what’s in it and in which room it will go.

Moving essentials bag is the one that will go with you. You will place jewelry personal information in it. Certain companies won’t carry stuff like that because of the value. When the value is high the insurance will be also. Depending on how hard is to move all the things and how long is the trip you should supply some water and snacks for the friends that will help you or even the workers when they are on the break.

More people every day are paying everything with their card so keep in mind that you need to tip the workers so have some cash by your side. When everything is packed and you are ready to go always check the apartment again to make sure it is empty. You should leave the employees to do their job because they are professionals and they don’t like when someone is constantly giving them tips and complaining. If you’ve done your research then have trust in the employees the company sent.

Supply List

Nowadays you have a box for everything, so take every size because you will need it for sure. Plastic moving boxes are useful for your clothes so put it in your moving supply list. To be sure that everything is in place use the packing tape. If you don’t want to waste your time doing that, you can ask the company if they can provide such a service. Every home has some fragile items that can be very expensive and for them, you will need bubble cushioning.

It can happen that you will need a tool kit to disable the furniture. Usually, a wrench and screwdriver will be enough. Always use markers or labels to name the boxes and the rooms where they will be set. The things you will need on the moving they will be provided by the company you call which includes rental truck, lifting straps, cargo straps, ramp, depending on the load.

When you will move also matter because of the weather and other aspects like the amount of work a company will have in that part of the year. In the winter demand is the lowest but also the risk is higher. If you are selling your home, summer has the highest demands but the schedule won’t be that flexible. Fall and spring will be flexible on the same level and you might get a better deal on a home during the off season.