June 18, 2024


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Design Trends for Home Exteriors in 2022

Functionality and structural integrity are not all that make a good home. Design is as instrumental of a component as it adds to the aesthetic value of a residential property, particularly to the building’s exteriors. Some style choices enhance the house’s character and curb appeal, while some creative additions reflect the owner’s taste and lifestyle.

When planning a new home or renovating an existing property, you may want to infuse your project with more than just a fresh coat of paint. If you need ideas for colors, details, or materials, here are some striking design trends for home exteriors this 2022.

Texture Details for Surfaces

Visual texture is a hot trend for outdoor layouts, particularly for facades. Instead of a smooth, flat surface, this aesthetic style integrates a physical quality to a design, an architectural element discernible to a viewer’s eye. This creative approach can draw attention to select features of your exteriors and add an artistic flair to your home.

The application of visual texture is most effective on your house’s siding, though you can also integrate the design on your roofing, window trim, and fascia board. Dark tones work best with siding, while lighter shades give more noticeable texture detail and depth. Shingle variations such as shake, shiplap, and board and batten produce a beautiful visual texture for your roof.

Long Windows

The eyes of the house serve more than just a decorative purpose. They also allow plenty of natural light inside, plus an airy atmosphere that keeps your indoors cool. For this reason, tall glass windows and skylights are a prevalent design choice this year, giving homes more open and brighter energy in the kitchens and living rooms. Aesthetically, straight lines and sharp corners are preferred window designs over curved panes.

Sleek Black Tones For Accents

Most suburban houses use traditional whites and creamy colors for outdoor walls and panels. In 2022, though, it’s a trendy and bold choice to choose dark tones for your home exteriors.

Black is a color that evokes elegance, timelessness, and mystery. Its distinct hue will make your residence stand out, which is ideal for homeowners who’d love to try unconventional designs. Shades like charcoal, onyx, and ebony work well as an accent for traditional white and brown tones. You can use them on exterior aspects of your home, such as the wall cladding, roofing, soffit, porch banisters, and door and window trims.

Earthy Color Palette For Sidings

Similar to black, earthy colors are making a comeback this year. According to color psychology, the natural tones symbolize life, reassurance, and strength. These traits seem to resonate with homeowners, which is why most houses feature sidings with a darker palette.

Hues such as beige, brown, forest green, navy blue, maroon, and burgundy would look great on your outdoor surfaces. You can apply these shades on wood slats, siding sections, door and window trims, and other exterior accents.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living areas provide social spaces for you and your family and friends. The trend is a solid home addition with many benefits in the long run. If you want to turn your yard into a multipurpose setup, you’d best invest in patios, pergolas, and covered lounges. You’d also have to shop for outdoor furniture, such as rocking chairs, sofas, swings, and outdoor kitchen amenities, such as grills, sinks, and dining tables.

Design Combinations

Contemporary exteriors with multi-finish designs are an eye-catching trend for custom homes. Merging smooth modern elements with natural wood surfaces produces an aesthetic synergy that surprisingly works. If you want a more subdued combination, you can experiment and mix contrasting colors, details, and shapes to highlight unique aspects of your home exteriors.

Main Door As a Visual Centerpiece

When you think of home exteriors, you may think about the siding, roof, paint, and trim. However, one of the most vital parts of your house’s outdoor design is the front door. It completes your facade’s look, reflects your creative preference, and adds character to your dwelling’s overall look.

This year shines a spotlight on the main entrance, as trend forecasts deem the entryway as a focal point of residential exteriors. Put effort into your door selection, as it completes your exterior’s aesthetic package. A few style recommendations include custom-made glass, vivid colors, and geometric motifs.

Integrate Exterior Design Trends With Your Trusted Home Builder

New design additions help reinvigorate your home exteriors and even increase the value of your property. These trends are not only applied for aesthetic purposes; they can also maximize your yard space or replace house parts with structural damage. No matter your project, give your local pro a call to get exceptional results. Reach out to a quality home building expert if you need design, construction, or renovation services.