July 23, 2024


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Cleaning mistakes at home that everyone commits

Can you tell me what are the cleaning mistakes that you make daily in your home? Household chores are one of the heaviest, most boring domestic chores that we like to do the least at home. Why are we going to deny it? However, it is necessary to maintain a minimum of cleaning at home, paying attention to the most typical mistakes that are made in this task.

If you do not want your home to become a source of dirt, take note of the most frequent mistakes in cleaning the house. Only knowing what we do wrong, we will be able to improve the cleaning service Barrie habits in our home. After telling you the 25 simple cleaning tricks to have the house tidy without effort or the logical order to clean your house faster, in this post we will talk about precisely the wrong cleaning habits at home. Keep reading to discover them, since surely you are also committing them without realizing it.

If you have the habit of closing the door of the washing machine when it is not working, to begin with you are already making a serious mistake. It is true that in view it seems better to have the closed door of this appliance, giving a sense of being the kitchen tidy. However, this fact makes the humidity stay inside this machine, causing mold inside.

Another of the most common mistakes in house cleaning is to use paper to clean the bathroom mirror or kitchen windows. It is better to opt for a microfiber cloth for these areas, since they do not cause streaks on the glass or lint. We recommend you take this advice into account the next time you are going to remove the dirt stains from these rooms.

If you are one of those who resort to specific products such as sprays to clean the car, you have probably seen yourself in the situation of unsightly drops on the glass when it dries. To avoid this, nothing better than opting for a foam cleaner to avoid this situation. Also try the tricks and tips to avoid fogging in the windows of the car. Check out the products to clean the house on Amazon.

Also, another of the most common cleaning service errors in the home is to use the same rag to clean the microwave and kitchen countertops. It is a serious failure, since the bacteria from one site pass to the other instead of eliminating them. It is best to change this cloth regularly to avoid situations like this (it is recommended once a week).

Finally, we can not stop talking about the dirtiness of our mobile phone. It is useless to spend time and effort in disinfecting furniture and appliances in the kitchen if we then put our mobile phone on them. Studies indicate that our smartphone has more bacteria than a toilet, so it is advisable to choose to disinfect it on a regular basis.