The Home Renovation Boom Continues

Houzz: Renovation activity and investing strike their best amount considering that 2018. Owners report a 20% improve in the median renovation spend, reaching $18K. PALO ALTO, Calif. – House renovation action and expending achieved its optimum charge considering that 2018, according to the Houzz & Property survey, performed by the […]

Man Finds 60-Year-Old McDonald’s in House Walls

A single man’s unusual discovery during a residence renovation stunned the online this week following he shared his find on the web. Rob—who uses the take care of slamminsammy2109—posted the photograph on the well-known Reddit forum r/mildlyinfurating. He stated that he had “observed this in my toilet wall although renovating.” […]

Renovation Of Beacon House Now Underway

The renovation of Beacon House is now underway, with Vision Bermuda aiming to raise $90,000 in order to “fully restore and equip our building to service the blind and visually impaired in our community.” A spokesperson said, “Vision Bermuda is delighted to share the news that the long awaited and […]