July 19, 2024


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Another Business-Empire Now In Public Domain!

Let discuss the same-optimized marketing model to establish Another Business Empire but this time in the public domain!

Before the business launching proper budget to meet the development & operational costs should be in mind and it’d preferably be targeted in Public Domain with the object to spread the benefits to the contributors/backers/small investors’ community!

The contributors/backers, like small investors, should be regarded as Co-Founders of the Brand/Business-Empire and always be remembered as “Noble Contributors” in the accounts books!

The impact of the project Another Business Empire could be distributing the gains among the common public against the earlier that centered towards the fortunate few.

A few steps may help:

  • Make sure the project is being launched in public domain, with no-obvious risk, it’d benefit to the contributors/backers in two ways: 1- acknowledge their valor and sense of community building, 2- it’d count their contributions for a Brand/Business-Empire development and for more ongoing long-term gains like; employment offers, vesting in stock, etc.
  • Make sure business management is picked multi-cultural and consists of seasoned marketers with sufficient experience in managing marketing projects. Being based on a successful model, it’d achieve higher acceptance and success ensuring value to the general and specially to the contributors/backers/investors community!
  • Make sure the Company registration and IRS requirements to legally/smoothly manage the affairs of the Brand/Business-Empire, should be met and a qualified BOD deliberating the Business and Contribution according to the business objectives!

Risks & Challenges

As with all other businesses the project Another Business Empire has no exception from risks and exceptional conditions. The proposed project may fail in getting the desired contribution/investment goal or may fail after getting the desired contribution/investment goal that may risk the Brand/Business gains.

In any case the Company must have other options to sustain and access other sources of funding to manage its business operations. The designated BOD would take appropriate decisions inline with the best contingency planning to sustain and keep the Brand/Business profitable!

Product Line

The project’s eCommerce product range should be focused in Home & Garden or any public benefit related space. A few partner stores should be operational to serve the small investors as early as possible.

Other Ways That Can Help

Though the proposed project Another Business Empire is for public benefit, not all may possibly contribute/invest. But you’d ask the community to support by sharing with friends and using social media post related to small investment opportunities.

I foresee your contribution/backing to help establish Another Business Empire will attract small investors/stock investors from around the world!