May 23, 2024


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Aluminium Extrusions In Racking Applications

One of the most popular uses for aluminium extrusions is in creating components for racking or shelving. Racking appears everywhere, in factories, shops and in the home.


Shelving made from aluminium extrusions is strong and resilient providing storage with instant access. Businesses of all kinds need shelving that is economic, functional and reliable. Car repair garages will often have extensive shelving lining the walls to house spark plugs, brake pads and dozens of other items they need to be able to find instantly. Customised shelving manufactured from aluminium extrusions can be specially made to any specifications complete with hangers for collections of tools such as ratchets and spanners. Aluminium is an economic, versatile metal that provides strength and accessibility exactly where it is needed, helping businesses to increase their efficiency.


Every retail outlet has shelving to display stock. Extruded aluminium can create customised shelving units to fit the most awkward of spaces. Units can be supplied in easy to clip together formats and be versatile enough to mix and match to allow for flexible changes to brighten displays. Many shops prefer to cultivate an image and opting for a customised racking system will provide the perfect solution. Units can be powder coated or anodised to complement a brand’s persona by coordinating bold colours from more than two hundred options or for a really unique look, hues can be hand-blended to order.


Every home benefits from racks or shelves particularly with the current fashion for a minimalist look that dispenses with bulky cupboards. Nearly every home has a difficult corner or recess that is difficult to fill with ready made shelving. A timeless structure fabricated from extruded aluminium can be customised to fill any space anywhere in the home. Shelving made from anodised aluminium extrusions has a sophisticated sheen and depth of colour that will never fade or go out of fashion. In kitchens aluminium shelving is perfect for creating a crisp, clean look while providing rust-proof qualities that will resist the worst excesses of steam and moisture. In living rooms aluminium extrusions can be used to build customised units to store a host of technological items from remote controls to satellite boxes and laptops, giving everything a space to keep the room uncluttered.

Racking Solutions

For every racking problem, from storing bikes and sports equipment to making a single shoe rack, Edmo can supply the solution – customised extruded aluminium racks.